Florida Five: Legislators deny ‘secret talks’, Pot popularity soars, unemployment numbers coming

Here is your TGIF edition of the Florida Five: BPR’s picks of the top political stories from around the Sunshine State.

Lawmakers deny report of “secret talks:” Top Florida lawmakers from both parties said a report Thursday that “secret talks” were in progress between health-care executives and the Legislature to expand Medicaid in Florida had no basis…Read more.

Radel to rehab: Republican Congressman Henry “Trey” Radel says he has checked himself into a Florida rehabilitation center after pleading guilty to cocaine possession this week. The freshman lawmaker says he’s seeking treatment and counseling and hopes to win back the trust of his constituents, friends and family. Radel is taking a leave of absence from Congress and donating his salary to charity…Read more.

medmar1121Floridians favor medical marijuana: If medicinal marijuana makes it to the ballot next November, it’s virtually certain to win, a poll released Thursday shows. According to the Quinnipiac University poll, a whopping 82 percent of voters support legalizing marijuana for medical use…Read more.

State’s unemployment numbers coming out: Florida Gov. Rick Scott is releasing the state’s latest round of unemployment numbers. Scott is scheduled on Friday to officially announce the state’s September and October unemployment rate…Read more.

“Shoddy record keeping” in Fla. gun database: It’s against federal and state law for individuals who’ve been legally deemed mentally incompetent to purchase firearms from licensed gun dealers. But in Florida, it can still happen…Read more.

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