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Delayed medical procedures causing needless deaths of veterans

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As the president claims a desire to provide quality health care for some of America’s uninsured, the care offered to those who most need and deserve it — our military veterans — remains woefully inadequate.

The excessive wait times coupled with delayed procedures are causing some veterans to die needlessly, and Veterans Administration officials are fully aware of the situation, according to CNN.

CNN reported:

The problem has been especially dire at the Williams Jennings Bryan Dorn Veterans Medical Center in Columbia, South Carolina. There, veterans waiting months for simple gastrointestinal procedures — such as a colonoscopy or endoscopy — have been dying because their cancers aren’t caught in time.

The VA has confirmed six deaths at Dorn tied to delays. But sources close to the investigation say the number of veterans dead or dying of cancer because they had to wait too long for diagnosis or treatment at this facility could be more than 20.

“It’s very sad, because people died,” said Dr. Stephen Lloyd, a private physician specializing in colonoscopies in Columbia.

“(Veterans) paid the ultimate price,” he said. “People that had appointments had their appointments canceled and rescheduled much later. … In some cases, that made an impact where they went into a later stage (of illness) and therefore lost the battle to live.”

The CNN report noted that the problem isn’t limited to the South Carolina facility — it’s widespread.

The president has stated in the past that he favors a totally socialized, single-payer health care system. What we see going on at veterans hospitals may very well provide a glimpse into what such a system would look like.

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