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‘Reset button’: Is this demise of Dems since Obama’s less popular than Bush?

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Former special counsel to President Bill Clinton Lanny Davis admitted Wednesday night that the Affordable Care Act has been a huge failure. He said fellow Democrats “have to fess up that they messed up” and that maybe it’s now time to “hit the reset button” on the program.

When he made this assessment on “The Kelly Files,” the Fox News host Megyn Kelly was surprised by his honesty.

“Look, the reset button has to happen when you’re facing a system that isn’t working,” he said. “It’s a serious problem for the Democrats in the 2014 elections, and maybe going forward beyond that.”

Kelly later challenged him when he claimed that the Obama administration “didn’t intend people to lose their policies” with the Oct. 1 rollout.

“I don’t know about that Lanny,” she said. “The facts aren’t bearing you out on that.”

When Davis said that “finger-pointing at President Obama isn’t really fair,” Kelly cut in, “He’s the chief executive!”

Davis tried to stick up for the guy he voted for twice, but Kelly would have none of it. She shot back, “The law is called ‘Obamacare,’ a term he endorsed!”

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