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Neighbors complain Navy base plays National Anthem too loud

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Earle Naval Weapons Station near Middletown, N.J. has been playing the National Anthem every morning at 8:00 a.m. for about 70 years, but now some neighbors have had enough and want it stopped.

One neighbor is asking why civilians have to wake up every morning to bugle calls being played over the base’s public address system, according to My9NJ.

Not everyone feels that way, though.

“I don’t see why you should complain, you shouldn’t be here I guess, I don’t know,” said Angie Belicose, who also lives near the base. “It’s just a patriotic thing that makes you feel good to hear so I don’t have any complaints about it.”

Earle’s public information officer, Mike Brady. said that the PA system has been down for repairs since last week, and when it’s up and running again, the base will do what it can to be good neighbors.

“We will look into it further,” Brady said. “We’re not going to raise the volume that’s for sure. We will keep it where it is or we’ll lower it if that’s possible and doable.”

Can something that should make everyone feel good and lasts less than two minutes be a cause for complaint?

“The neighbors are lucky that the Marine Corps doesn’t come in and say, ‘Look, we’re going to play it louder, and an hour earlier,” concluded a My9NJ News team member. Ooh Rah!

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