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Megyn Kelly: Dems will ‘rue the day’ they allowed president to rewrite laws

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U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., has authored a congressional resolution calling President Obama’s proposed Obamacare “fix” unconstitutional.

The president’s actions are unbelievable, DeSantis told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Wednesday.

“He rewrote the employer mandate in July,” the congressman said. “He changed the date of the statute, it was very clear. Then with the grandfather issue, he said, ‘I’m going to extend the grandfather clause to some of the plans that … people got after 2010.’”

The president cannot make changes to a law by executive order, DeSantis said, adding that Obama has threatened to veto any action by Congress to do it legislatively.

“What can be done?” Kelly asked. “What happens with your bill?”

DeSantis’ proposal puts Congress on record as disapproving of the fix and calling it unconstitutional.

“That doesn’t solve all the problems,” he said. “But the problem was, no one was saying anything. I felt if we just remained silent, then his actions would basically be part of the standard operating procedure going forward.”

There may be more changes to the Affordable Care Act coming from the president in the near future, DeSantis said, and now is the time to speak up.

Watch the report from the “Kelly File” here via Fox News:

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