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Fellow Republican refuses to endorse Lindsey Graham’s re-election bid

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U.S. Sen. Tim Scott refused to endorse fellow Republican, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, when pressed on CNN’s “Crossfire” Wednesday.

In an unusual set of circumstances, both Scott and Graham are up for re-election next year. Scott, who was appointed by Gov. Nikki Haley in 2012 to fill the seat left by Jim Demint, is running to complete the term. Graham is vying for a third Senate term and is facing four primary challengers.

When asked by host Van Jones if he would endorse Graham, Scott merely said he would concentrate on his own re-election, according to CNN.

“As you three have just heard recently, I am up for re-election next year myself,” Scott said. “I’m going to allow for all the other folks on the ballot to represent themselves very well. I’m going to continue to work hard for my election.”

The senator wouldn’t budge when pressed by Jones.

“I certainly am going to work very hard for Tim Scott’s re-election,” Scott reiterated. “Gotta win first.”

Although the men claim membership to the same party, Scott is a grassroots, tea party favorite, while Graham supports liberal causes such as comprehensive immigration reform.

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