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Dumb drug dealer who wore ‘how to make crack’ shirt to court gets prison

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He’ll be wearing a blue jumper for a while.

A South Florida drug-trafficking defendant who dressed for a court appearance last year in a sweatshirt adorned with a cartoon recipe for making crack cocaine was sentenced last week to three years in prison, according to the Smoking Gun.

christopherpatterson1121Christopher Patterson, 27, made a fashion statement more than a legal statement when he showed up in court in Fort Lauderdale in a sweatshirt decorated with drawings of a box of baking soda, an open flame and a stockpot — all used to make crack – and the the slogan “Stack Paper Say Nothing” – or “make money it doesn’t matter how.” The sweatshirt’s zipper was shaped like a handgun.

An attorney on hand snapped a photo of the outré outfit, and Patterson got a write-up in the local press.

Patterson will have plenty of time to enjoy the celebrity. A judge sentenced him Nov. 14 to three years in prison on his latest charge of trafficking and conspiracy to traffic Oxycodone.

Patterson’s previous arrests included marijuana possession charges, larceny, resisting arrest and failure to appear and several cocaine possession charges, according to the Florida Department of Corrections.

christopherpatterson1121The twitter-verse hasn’t been kind. Patterson was compared unfavorably to a defunct television series, and favorably to disgraced mayor of Canada. His crimes against fashion, though, go unpunished.


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