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Ridiculous: Pelosi links Congressman’s cocaine bust to food stamp vote

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Nancy Pelosi“It’s like, what?” an absolutely baffled Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said about those inhuman GOP representatives who voted on requiring drug testing for food stamp recipients when one of those who voted for it was just charged with cocaine possession.

BuzzFeed’s John Stanton asked Pelosi about Tuesday’s breaking news story that U.S. Republican Rep. Trey Radel will be arraigned Wednesday on drug charges.

Radel was one of the House members who voted yes in September to allow states to drug test those receiving food stamp benefits. He reportedly purchased cocaine from a dealer working with federal drug agents in October.

“I feel very sad for his family and that, but,” she answered. “It’s really interesting [the drug charge came] right soon on the heels of the Republicans voting to make sure that everybody who had access to food stamps was drug tested.”

“It’s like, what? To get food stamps, you have to be drug tested?” she asked, pretending to be confused that conservatives do indeed see it as a way to prevent fraud and abuse by requiring drug testing of welfare recipients.

Pelosi added that she hoped Radel’s situation would “help humanize” the way Republicans “think” about certain issues.

Watch the segment during BuzzFeed Brew:

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