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Pot pushers’ petition contest makes Supreme Court the prize

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Here’s one way to get to the highest court in the land.

A group pushing a constitutional amendment that would legalize the medicinal use of marijuana is offering supporters a free trip to the Florida Supreme Court to watch arguments in the wording of ballot – if they gather the most signatures on petitions necessary to get the measure on the ballot at all. The group needs 683,149 signatures.

medmar1120Attorneys supporting the bill say the wording is clear enough and limits use of the drug only to patients in dire need.

In court briefs, 0pponents — who include Attorney General Pam Bondi — say the wording “hides the fact that it would hides the fact that the amendment would make Florida one of the most lenient medical-marijuana states, allowing use for limitless ‘other conditions’ specified by any physician,” according to the News Service of Florida.

Here is the proposed ballot’s text:

“Allows the medical use of marijuana for individuals with debilitating diseases as determined by a licensed Florida physician. Allows caregivers to assist patients’ use of marijuana. The Department of Health shall register and regulate centers that produce and distribute marijuana for medical purposes and shall issue identification cards to patients and caregivers. Applies only to Florida law. Does not authorize violations of federal law or any non-medical use, possession or production of marijuana.”

The ballot pushers offering the free trip to the Supreme Court are United for Care, a medical marijuana group based in Orlando.

The petition can be found at United for Care’s website. To win, contestants must submit petitions signed by registered Florida voters in a single envelope by Nov. 27, which allowing for mail delivery time, means they should be sent by Monday – unless a road trip to Orlando is in order.

So good luck with it. And if you win, don’t try to bring weed in with you. Arguments are Dec. 5 and no one likes to spend the holidays in jail.


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