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Group hits South Fla. Dems Patrick Murphy, Joe Garcia in new TV ads

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A little reminder can’t hurt.

U.S. Reps. Patrick Murphy, D-Jupiter, and Joe Garcia, D-Miami, need all the help they can get to get constituents to forget their support for Obamacare and the drag it’s putting on the country.

garciaad1120The conservative group Americans for Prosperity is bent on making sure the voters in their districts don’t forget a thing.

AFP has launched ads making sure Garcia and Murphy’s constituents remind the congressmen they don’t like what they’re seeing about Obamacare – which drops in approval with every passing poll.

Murphy and Garcia tried to distance themselves from Obamacare on Friday with votes in favor of a Republican bill that would have allowed Americans satisfied with their health insurance to keep it. But the ads show they’re on the GOP’s target list for 2014.

The ads started airing Wednesday, said Chris Neefus, AFP’s state communications manager.

“People … need some relief from Obamacare,” Neefus said Wednesday.

And the two Democrats’ votes Friday weren’t enough. Measures such as changed deadlines or politically convenient tweaks just “kick the pain down the road,” Neefus said.

“Any short-term fix that doesn’t repeal the law” isn’t enough, he said.

Check out the ads here. South Florida voters should be paying very close attention.


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