Ted Cruz: My responsibility to ‘render judgment’ on Obama impeachment

Ted Cruz
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In an interview over the weekend, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said Congress would have to “render judgement” on whether President Obama‘s picking and choosing of which laws he’ll enforce is grounds for impeachment.

While sitting down with Newsmax host Steve Malzberg, the possibility of Obama abusing his power came up, with a number of issues cited.

“Aside from their radical policy, the way they’ve implemented it has sadly been lawless,” Cruz said. “Over and over again, this president has said I don’t care what the law is, I’m going to refuse to enforce it.”

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After Cruz mentioned immigration, drug laws and Obamacare as examples, Malzberg asked if these actions were unconstitutional.

“It’s completely unconstitutional,” Cruz answered.

“Impeachable?” Malzberg asked.

Cruz responded by speaking of the president’s responsibilities in regard to enforcing laws, as outlined in the U.S. Constitution.

When Malzberg asked a second time about impeachment, Cruz replied:

“That’s a question for the House ultimately. The House, under the Constitution, makes the decision whether to impeach and then the Senate is charged with trying it. So that’s a question for the House to assess… My responsibility would be to render judgment.”

Malzberg then asked Cruz if he urged the House to consider impeachment.

“I would not want to urge the House to do anything other than exercise it’s best judgement,” Cruz said.

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