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Obama’s ‘exclusive’ conference call; SNL skit sure to follow

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President Obama joined an “exclusive” Organizing for Action conference call Monday that left many wondering what was so exclusive about it – and what happened to the energetic “hope and change” Obama that could rally a crowd?

NewsBusters‘ Mark Finkelstein was underwhelmed by the call:

I was one of the lucky few hundred thousand, and was dumbstruck by how depressed President Obama sounded.  Looks like SNL was onto something.

Finkelstein was referring to the “Saturday Night Live” faux commercial for Paxil, “the only anti-depressant strong enough for an embattled second term.”

Others participating in the call tweeted these reactions:

Obama conf call tweets

“The president kvetches about ‘misinformation’ about Obamacare, recognizes that his supporters’ work was greater than anything he ever accomplished as a community organizer, and admits that the Obamacare website will always be limited and that people will have to sign up via mail, by phone and person,” Finkelstein said.

Obama’s final admission during the call?

“It turns out purchasing insurance for a lot of folks is complicated,” the president said, according to Finkelstein.

Listen to Finkelstein’s audio recording via MRCTV:

Watch: Pill-popping Obama in SNL’s hilarious ‘second-term strength’ anti-depressant ad

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