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Legendary rocker: ‘I will never forgive them’ for liberal immigration policy

roger daltry
Photo: Fred Duval, Daily Telegraph

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Legendary rock star Roger Daltry slammed Britian’s center-left Labor Party for it’s immigration policy that he said “destroyed the jobs of my mates.”

The Labor Party is a self-described democratic socialist party in the U.K. that believes in social justice and sees itself as the champion of the working class.

Sound familiar?

Daltry, the lead singer for The Who, once supported the party but said they’ve let down his generation by allowing an influx of workers that he blames for the unemployment among Britain’s working class, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The 69-year-old Daltry — wow! — grew up as a member of the working class and is fiercely proud of his roots, according to the Telegraph.

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In a candid interview with The Sunday Times magazine that was published over the weekend, Daltry said:

“I will never, ever forgive the Labor Party for allowing this mass immigration with no demands put on what people should be paid when they come to this country. I will never forgive them for destroying the jobs of my mates, because they allowed their jobs to be undercut with stupid thinking on Europe, letting them all in, so they can live 10 to a room, working for Polish wages.”

“I’ve got nothing against the Poles at all, but that was a political mistake and it made me very angry,” he continued. “And the people who get it in the neck are the immigrants, and it’s not their fault.”

Yet another example of the adverse effects of liberal policies becoming clear once implemented. When moral busybodies legislate with little common sense, it’s usually the same working class they purport to be looking out for that pays the price.

Daltry is no fan of European Union either, which he said he “can’t stand.”

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