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Krauthammer on what he really thinks of Jon Stewart

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Krauthammer-StewartFox News contributor and Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer made his very first appearance on “The Daily Show” last month to promote his new book, “Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes, and Politics.

Host Jon Stewart and Krauthammer squared off in a debate on conservative ideology and also discussed Krauthammer’s transformation from a liberal to a conservative.

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Fresh from that experience, Krauthammer shared with The Daily Caller what he thinks of the liberal comedian, saying he was impressed with how smart Stewart is.

He pointed out that Stewart “deployed a few fairly obscure facts that would not have expected someone who isn’t the politics business the way I am, who has to read all this junk every day, would,” adding that Stewart isn’t someone you could “just snow with your own facts.”

Krauthammer was also impressed with Stewart’s subtle professionalism as a comedian, explaining how he was allowed to “score a point” to get a laugh.

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