GOP launches three-pronged attack on Obamacare in Florida

While U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius toured Florida on Tuesday on a damage-control trip for the train-wreck rollout of Obamacare, Republicans attacked on three […]

Chi Chi Rodriguez makes painful golf shot
Chi Chi Rodriguez makes painful golf shot

Ouch! That’s has got to hurt, a lot.  Hilarious video of NYPD trying to stop skateboarders goes viral Man thinks he’s tougher than a bear, punches bear […]

Watch: Obama leaves ‘God’ out of Gettysburg Address

President Barack Obama inexplicably decided to be a no-show at the 150-year anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, but he was still able to recite Lincoln’s iconic speech […]

Florida crime rate on track for 42-year low

Florida’s crime rate for the first half of 2013 was down more than 5 percent from a year earlier, putting the state’s crime rate at a 42-year […]

Tyranny: City uproots Florida couple’s 17-year-old garden

Few things in life are as benign as a home vegetable garden. But for the residents of Miami Shores, Fla., growing veggies can land you a fine […]

Krauthammer on what he really thinks of Jon Stewart

Fox News contributor and Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer made his very first appearance on “The Daily Show” last month to promote his new book, “Things That […]

Romney wins election . . . a year later! Unbelievable poll

  From one of the loudest and most powerful media cheerleading sections that helped elect President Obama TWICE, is a new poll revealing that if the presidential […]

Costco slaps ‘fiction’ label on Holy Bibles; customers shocked

A California Costco store apparently considers the Holy Bible a work of fiction, and had it labeled and displayed as such when spotted by an area Christian […]

roger daltry
Legendary rocker: ‘I will never forgive them’ for liberal immigration policy

Legendary rock star Roger Daltry slammed Britian’s center-left Labor Party for it’s immigration policy that he said “destroyed the jobs of my mates.” The Labor Party is […]

Census ‘faked’ jobs report during 2012 election; favored Obama

The all-important August 2012 unemployment data — reported in early September — was manipulated to give a “faked” jobs report, according to a recent probe and documents […]

Over 40 groups converge on WH to ‘Reclaim America’; MSM ignores

*Updated with photos as the event unfolds… You probably won’t hear much in the media about the call for President Barack Obama‘s resignation during Tuesday’s rally in […]

Woman got shout-out from president; can’t afford Obamacare after all

A Washington woman who received a presidential shout-out learned afterwards that if Obamacare is too good to be true, it probably is. It turns out that the […]