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Allen West: If president wants to regain credibility ‘he should resign’

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President Obama’s credibility with the American people has suffered so greatly, he should consider resigning, former Florida Congressman Allen West said Sunday.

West, a Fox News contributor, told “Fox & Friends” host Tucker Carlson that Obama’s handling of Common Core, Obamacare, Benghazi and myriad other issues has caused Obama’s favorability to fall to an all-time low.

“You see a president that continues to say, ‘I did not know, I was unaware,’ and that erodes your credibility and the confidence that people have,” the retired lieutenant colonel said.

A destabilizing Middle East has caused allies there to lose confidence in the United States, he said, adding that Egypt is considering providing Russian President Vladimir Putin a naval base.

“I’m going to say something pretty profound,” West said. “If the president really wants to regain his credibility, he probably needs to look at, seriously coming before the American people and saying, ‘You know, I have not been up to this job.’ And I think you’re getting pretty close to him probably saying he should resign.”

Watch the interview here:

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