Pam Bondi on Obamacare
Fla. Attorney General Bondi influential in $17 million settlement with Google

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi announced today that her office, along with attorneys general from 36 other states and the District of Columbia, reached a $17 million […]

BizPac Review
Florida GOP mocks Biden, DWS Panama trip as ‘a little late to the party’

A man, a plan, a canal – Joe Biden! The Florida Republican Party on Monday issued a release mocking the  vice president’s heavily hyped trip to Panama […]

Commissioner Putnam calls water policies top priority of 2014 session

A comprehensive policy to deal with Florida’s perennial water problems should be a top priority of lawmakers for the 2014 session, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam said Monday. […]

‘Righty or Lefty’ quiz asks kids liberal biased questions; parents appalled

Some parents in Colorado are appalled that a school is quizzing seventh graders on their political views. The quiz, “Righty or Lefty?,” was given to 12-year-old students […]

grace anna rodgers
Watch: Adorable toddler sings national anthem

Rock on precious little Grace Anna Rodgers! And kudos to mommy for teaching such an important song! ‘Merica! Video via ABC News: More World News from ABC […]

Are we one nation under God or under Obama?

When delegates booed the effort by the party to restore a reference to God in its platform at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, little did we know […]

CJs Hot Dogs
Score one for vets: Business owner wins fight to fly patriotic flags

Score one for the good guys – our veterans – for a change. A Georgia restaurant owner received a fine from the city of McDonough code enforcement […]

US plans to train Libyan military risk including Islamist terrorists

The U.S. military is about to embark on military and special operations training for Libya’s military that will risk including Islamist terrorists among the trainees. Adm. William […]

Not a joke: Huff Po’s ‘12 Reasons Why Obama is One of Best Presidents Ever’

What you are about to read is a much abbreviated version of a piece that appeared in the Huffington Post on November 15. It was written by […]

Cheney sisters
Cheney sisters awkward Facebook family feud over gay marriage

It’s going to be a very awkward Thanksgiving for the Cheney family after a Facebook family feud erupted between the sisters over gay marriage Sunday. The former […]

Kirsten Gillibrand on Obamacare
Dem senator admits: ‘We all knew’ people would lose their insurance

A Democratic U.S. senator admitted that Democrats knew Americans would lose their health insurance plans when Obamacare was implemented, despite President Obama’s promises to the contrary. ABC’s […]

Allen West on Obama resigning
Allen West: If president wants to regain credibility ‘he should resign’

President Obama’s credibility with the American people has suffered so greatly, he should consider resigning, former Florida Congressman Allen West said Sunday. West, a Fox News contributor, told […]