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Obamacare rollout bigger failure than ‘Sharknado’

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The Department of Health and Human Services admitted last week there were only 106,185 Obamacare enrollments, sparking odd comparisons of the sign-up of other notable events.

The Obamacare health exchanges rolled out on Oct. 1, with numerous problems plaguing the HealthCare.gov website from the beginning.

“Enrollment figures include those who have selected a plan and have or have not yet paid the first month’s premium,” the Department of Health and Human Services said of the enrollment tally as of Nov. 1, according to CNS News.

From the number of Barbie dolls bought in 1959 to the number “Sharknado” viewers, Obamacare enrollment pales in comparison. Here’s a list from CNS News:

107,000: Number of home foreclosures in Florida alone, June 2012-June 2013.

200,000: Number of people injured by lawnmowers each year in the United States.

300,000: Number of tweets per minute about Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance.

307,000: Number of women in the US that got breast augmentation surgery in 2011.

350,000: Number of Barbie dolls sold in the first year of production, 1959.

1,000,000: Number of people who watched Sharknado.

1,400,000: Number of people employed by Wal-Mart in USA.

32,000,000: Number of visits to the Drudge Report per day.

While just over a million people watched the premier of “Sharknado,” the SyFy network said it was a ratings bust, since
most of its original movies garner an average of 1.5 million viewers, according to The Atlantic.

Even the Conservative Daily Facebook page got in on the action, posting this photo:

Gun license vs Obamacare

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