Feisty 92-year-old lady kicks home intruder in face, lives to tell story

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An elderly Texas woman gave a burglar more than he bargained for, fighting off the man in a feisty attack, according to KHOU Jasper County.

Opal Phelps, 92, said she was awakened during the night by a masked intruder with strange requests, including a demand that she put on her shoes. She said she managed to foil him with a series of arguments, her Life Alert device and a bit of force before he made off with one of her favorite items.

“He tried to make me shut up, but he didn’t have no luck at it,” Phelps told KHOU. “He had a hold of my leg, trying to put them shoes on, and they hard to get on, and I just took my other foot and kicked him right in the face.”

Watch Phelps detail the ordeal in this video

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Matt Labo

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7 thoughts on “Feisty 92-year-old lady kicks home intruder in face, lives to tell story

  1. Sally Roach says:

    Go Granny!

  2. Gary Esslinger says:

    god bless her!

  3. NC Conservative says:

    Don’t f**k with grandmas! 🙂

  4. patriot1742 says:

    Granny with an attitude – you go granny.

  5. poptart says:

    Way to go Grandmother!!!! SHOOT THEIR ASS!!!!

  6. Liberty: Coercion's Absence says:

    There is no moral reason why those who have joined forces are entitled to expand the footprint of their own power in the name of democracy.

  7. allan says:

    Way to go Grandma Phelps; He would have really bee hurting had you had a firearm; can probably handle a bullwhip a bit well also; Really give him a taste of the old west;;; lololololololol

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