Cruz: Other shoe hasn’t dropped; what’s next for Obamacare is worse

Earlier this week, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, described a few additional unintended consequences that we can expect with the Affordable Care Act’s rollout, and as he describes it, as bad as it’s been so far, we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.

“The five million who have lost their health care now is just the beginning of this,” he begins. You’re going to see more and more people who can’t keep their doctor.”

For example, he noted that Texas Oncology, which he described as “one of the very best cancer centers in Texas,” will not be accepting Obamacare patients.

Cruz then predicted that that premiums will rise significantly in the spring because an inadequate number of healthy policyholders will be signed up.

“We’ve seen sticker shock already as premiums have gone up,” he said. “But the next wave of premiums is likely to go up dramatically.”

But the “most damaging” effect will be suffered by the “90 million plus people who have employer=provided health care.”

Cruz predicted that corporate human resource directors will be dumping their employee coverage when the employer mandate kicks in in 2015.

By providing health insurance to a segment of the uninsured, the Affordable Care Act will “screw up the insurance of the remaining couple hundred million of other people,” he concluded.

Watch his remarks below, and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Texas mom speaks out about viral letter to Obama: ‘I’m one of millions’

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59 thoughts on “Cruz: Other shoe hasn’t dropped; what’s next for Obamacare is worse

  1. Warrior54 says:

    They are all on the same team, team it aint you!

  2. Doug says:

    Listen to this man he graduated from Princeton AND Harvard the two finest educational institutions in this great land.

  3. Mamzer_FEMA_REGION_IV says:

    Marijuana cause memory damage. Libtards and ugly white women will vote for more of the same. Ship is sinking

  4. GrandDaddy says:

    Rope! We need rope! We’ve got to try these bastards for treason, crimes against the American people and crimes against humanity. Every single government employee, from the lowest grunt to the usurper-in-chief, every single government-paid media shill, every state and local official who ever referred to this criminal using the word “president”, is criminally liable for aiding and abetting an enemy or enemies of the United States of America. Every government employee or politician or media shill that knowingly continues to perpetuate the absolutely fraudulent and invalid, null and void on their face, unConstitutional laws and edicts of this administration is guilty of violating the oath of office, code of ethics, or call of duty. The silence is DEAFENING.

    1. Doug says:

      Hang ’em High. Clint Eastwood movie.

  5. amongoose says:

    I prefer tar and feathers, hanging doesn’t inflict pain on them like they have on us.

  6. usmcmailman says:

    All part of the “Boys” agenda !

  7. Lynda Grlffin says:

    Those that Spout Obamacare has been GOOD for them are ONLY talking about the fact they got it FREE!! NO ONE has actually USED it as yet to learn what is REALLY going to happen because it has NEVER been about healthcare but about CONTROL!! The Government OWNS your Healthcare the GOVERNMENT OWNS YOU period!! The Elderly come Jan 1, will be given a Death SENTENCE, over 65 is TO OLD for Coverage under Obamacare You really NEED heathcare because you are SICK you will be DENIED and sent a bottle of asprin and told to suck it up (not exactly but bascially TOUGH) the real NIGHTMARE has Yet to HIT this country and come Jan 1, Obama has ALL THE POWER and we might actually SEE the “Real” Obama the one that has been in HIDING all this time!!

    1. seazen says:

      Oh, no! He has been hiding!!! Lurking in the shadows plotting to overtake America and then the world. Let’s make a movie! Ooops, FORGOT TO USE CAPS!

  8. Donna Kleinfeldt-Rolls says:

    This piece of garbage is the biggest ponzi scheme in history. Makes the SSI scheme look like kindergarten.

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