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Netanyahu tweets world message to help stop ‘bad deal’ with Iran

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been using Twitter over the past several days to spread the message that he believes world leaders are rushing “into a bad deal with Iran” over its nuclear program.

Netanyahu has urged Western leaders to keep sanctions on Iran in place, and on Friday, he tweeted the following picture detailing an explanation of what the proposed “bad deal” includes:

Earlier this week, Israeli leaders reacted with disbelief to Sec. of State John Kerry’s comment that “Netanyahu has to understand that no agreement was signed between Iran and the world powers and his adamant objections are premature,” according to Fox News.

Israel’s Home Front Defense and Communications Minister Gilad Erdan was reportedly “astounded by Kerry’s remarks,” Fox News reported.

According to the article, Erdan said:

I have not heard such a claim for many years; this is a country that wants to destroy Israel and the conditions that will enable it to carry out its wishes. What do they expect from an Israeli prime minister? Not to cry out when the knife is in the hand, but only when it is across our throat?

It is only thanks to the discussion about the terms being discussed in Geneva, behind closed doors, that we have received an additional delay of several days and perhaps even an improvement in the terms of the agreement. We must not be mistaken — an interim agreement will be a permanent agreement. All those involved in the agreement must understand that the moment Iran becomes a nuclear threshold state an arms race will begin in the Middle East and regional uncertainty will increase.

Here are a few of Netanyahu’s tweets sent this week:

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 6.47.27 AM

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