Martin Bashir takes Sarah Palin-bashing way too far; calls for his suspension follow


Eyebrows were raised the world over when MSNBC anchor Martin Bashir suggested someone take a dump in Sarah Palin’s mouth.

During a progressive monologue he called “clearing the air,” the snarky host from across the pond took issue on Friday with Palin’s criticism of the mounting national debt and its impact on future generations.

“Our free stuff today is being paid for by taking money from our children and borrowing from China,” Palin said in a Nov. 9 speech in Iowa. “When that note comes due … it’s gonna be like slavery.”

Bashir called her “America’s resident dunce, scraping the barrel of her long-deceased mind.”

With mock indignation, Bashir researched liberals’ favorite topic, racism, and came up with the diary of Thomas Thistlewood, a 1750s-era slaver. That’s when things took a turn for the perverse. Bashir quoted this diary entry:

“A slave named Derby catched him eating canes. Had him well flogged and pickled, then made Hector sh** in his mouth.”

According to Bashir, such an act “became known as Darby’s dose, a punishment invented by Thistlewood that spoke only of the slave owner’s savagery and inhumanity.”

The fact that the comparison is misused and has nothing to do with Palin are of little importance to Bashir, who added that the former Alaska governor could use a little Darby’s dose herself.

“When Mrs. Palin invokes slavery,” Bashir said, “she doesn’t just prove her rank ignorance, she confirms that if anyone ever qualified for a dose of discipline from Thomas Thistlewood, then she would be the outstanding candidate.”

Founder and CEO of Twitchy, Michelle Malkin wasted no time in calling Bashir out as a misogynist on Twitter. Many others joined her.







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Matt Labo

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106 thoughts on “Martin Bashir takes Sarah Palin-bashing way too far; calls for his suspension follow

  1. patriot1742 says:

    Fire his miserable donkey – he has no ability as a human.

  2. Grant Ritchie says:

    I’ll see his “Derby’s dose” for Palin, and raise him “DD’s” for Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters. 😮

  3. Arden Hale says:

    We could call for a boycott but nobody watches CNN anyway.

    1. ANI N DA UK says:


      1. Arden Hale says:

        Right well, I’m not sure MSNBC even exists.

  4. Will Landers says:

    Guys first of all palin should just say she “misspoke” so the the commies will get off her back like we are supposed with Obama . He misspoke and now millions of ppl and counting are without health insurance. Secondly , don’t be surprised at this guy’s. Behavior. Whenever they disagree with someone the left demonizes, slanders, and attacks everything but the issue at hand. She means being slaves to the government and just picked a bad analogy bc dems use these types of words to play the race card and dodge the issue at hand. This guy is just going by the leftist play book and since the mainstream media is all but a few ran by socialists , he ll prob get a raise . Funny how a conservative is called a terrorist by our on president and she says slavery and is humiliated . Really classy from a prof journalist

  5. SusieQ says:

    When Liberals cannot defend their talking points they revert to juvenile mean and nasty rhetoric.

    1. Stan H says:

      I hope that you’e not implying that Liberals have a monopoly on juvenile, hateful speech (limbaugh, Hannity, Palin, Cruz, King et al). Bashir’s point,(though inartfully made) was that the horrible institution of slavery is incomparable to simple debt, and that anyone who would make such a comparison was an idiot. Guess what? He’s right.

      1. SusieQ says:

        I’m sorry Stan I did not say they have have a monopoly on hate speech but sure think they have a monopoly on some words, and it can only have one meaning for them,WRONG! Guess what the world does not revolve around just their views. It may have been a poor choice of a descriptive word for Ms. Palin but everything is scrutinized to the point of being painful. Watch any debate between a liberal and whoever disagrees with their point of view and they talk over, scream “not fair” etc. I do find that juvenile. Conservatives are now trying to get their points across after being fairly silent and liberals are in a frenzy, “how dare you” they think, don’t you air your views that’s not going to work in my rule book. Oh! by the way he’s not right and should be suspended from his show! That was a absolutely gross statement he made, not good at all, so, we agree to disagree, right?

        1. Stan H says:

          Let’s be real. Do you really have to intensely scrutinize a comparison between SLAVERY and simple debt to see a problem with the comparison? She’s a flake, pure and simple. And, if you think every debate between a liberal and a conservative consists of the liberal brow-beating the conservative while they meekly sit there and nod, then you’re pretty flaky yourself (see the aformentioned Limbaugh, Hannity, Cruz, Palin, and let’s not forget the “heavenly” Ann Coulter).

          If you REALLY think that Conservatives are “trying to get their point across after being fairly silent”, you must have been hibernating since Newt Gingrich was elected. In THIS country (unlike the “dictatorship” she claims that she lives under) Palin can freely spout her ideas. The flip side of that is that liberals can point out how idiotic and asinine most of those ideas are. Bashir’s allusion was gross and disgusting, but, in case you didn’t get the memo, so was slavery.

          1. SusieQ says:

            Whatever you say Stan ,I’ll take the insults in stride and consider the source, you know “sticks and stones” I think you know the drill. Oh! by the way what year is this?
            Are we still talking about slavery in that vein, I guess some people can never adjust to what century they live in.
            You know even if he said that to Pelosi, which he would not but let’s just say for the sake of argument he did I would not be slinging arrows at everyone that sees the error of his ways. He was” WRONG” “period” as our president is fond of saying. Nice conversing with you. Ta,Ta.

  6. Stan H says:

    While the imagery in Bashir’s quote was disgusting, that was the point. Te equate the horrors and inhumanity of hundreds of years of slavery with the few hundred dollars that is each Americans’ portion of the national debt equals is unconscionable, illustrates no concept of proportionality and definitively shows how clueless Palin actually is. I get his point. If Palin actually had to endure some of the trappings of slavery, she’d (hopefully) not be so quick to equate it with simple debt, especially in light of her 5-figure speaking fees.

    1. ANI N DA UK says:

      YOu would get his point You hate women given you other post See therapy sicko

      1. Stan H says:

        If, from reading my posts, you come to the conclusion that I hate women and all whites, you need more than a therapist (perhaps a dictionary and a high-school education).

        1. SusieQ says:

          Tsk, tsk Stan there you go hurling insults again what are you afraid of?

          1. Stan H says:

            Let’s see, “Susie”. “ANI N DA UK” accused me of being “sick” and “needing therapy”, based purportedly on my posts. Since my posts could NOT be read by anyone rational as supporting ANY of those claims, I responded appropriately. If THAT’S hurling insults, I’ll wear that badge proudly.

          2. SusieQ says:

            I don’t know “Stan” this is all looking very suspicious to me, maybe “someone” is very angry. I hear if you can stay on a computer for hours on end you can perhaps get a policy that can help with those issues. Did you know Barney Fife had a badge too?

          3. Stan H says:

            Not “angry” at all, more bemused. To quote, “You really wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

          4. SusieQ says:

            Ok, you’re fun to talk to. Bye

      2. Stan H says:

        Like most right-wing zealots, you immediately start attacking the messenger, while ignoring the message. So, I’ll ask you directly, do YOU think that in a political speech, it’s fine to equate the horrors and inhumanity of hundreds of years of slavery with the few hundred dollars that is each Americans’ portion of the national debt ? I’m awaiting your response with bated breath.

        1. ANI N DA UK says:

          Card Carring Democrat naziboi

          1. Stan H says:

            I’ll take that as a “yes”. I hope that you and Palin enjoy life in “Ditzville”. SMDH

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