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Army vet put on leave over ‘God Bless America’ email signature

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A 20-year Army veteran and 10-year hospital employee was placed on administrative leave for including the phrase, “God bless America” on his business emails, a practice he has engaged in since July of 2012.

When Stockton Calif. Dameron Hospital administrators asked Boots Hawks to remove the signature, he complied before sending another email, but added that he would seek legal counsel in the matter. He was placed on administrative leave the following day — the Friday before Veterans Day, according to local NBC affiliate KCRA.

“I was shocked,” Hawks told KCRA. “I think Dameron Hospital provides fantastic care to people. And I hate to see bad publicity, and I don’t mean for this to be bad publicity. I just see that we need to have justice done.”

The day after Veterans Day, the hospital asked Hawks to return to work. However, he has since hired legal counsel to attain the right to go back to adding the phrase to his emails.

The Pacific Justice Institute, which now represents Hawks, told KCRA that the hospital may be breaking the law.

“We are aware that other members of the hospital management circulate mass emails which include philosophical statements,” said Matt McReynolds, the attorney handling the case, in a letter to Dameron Hospital. “We know of no legal authority that would justify your censorship.”

Hawks appeared on Fox and Friends Saturday, along with his attorney, and he was asked why he began the practice.

“I believe in America,” Hawks said to co-host Clayton Morris. “I believe that America needs God’s good will and God’s blessings.”

He also acknowledged that he has never received a single complaint in the 16 months he has used this signature.

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