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Trump tears Obama: Total catastrophe, now he’s delaying ‘big lie’ for year

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Donald Trump blasted Obamacare during Fox News’ “On the Record” Thursday, saying while the website isn’t President Obama’s biggest problem, it illustrates the gross incompetence of his administration.

Trump told host Greta Van Susteren that Obama’s late arrival at Thursday’s news conference shows that he probably had no idea what the administration was doing, and that everything is being “made up and done on the run.”

“I understand he said he knew nothing about the website,” Trump said. “How can your whole administration be based on Obamacare? Your whole legacy is Obamacare, and you’re not even enough involved to pick the people who are doing the website. Why didn’t he pick Google? Why didn’t he pick Microsoft?”

Those companies would probably have done the job for nothing, Trump said, adding that the taxpayers are on the hook for nearly a billion dollars for the project.

“The website is just, sort of, the most visual problem,” Van Susteren said. “The whole problem is that we would have had cancellations of policies even without a website that went kerplunk.”

The HealthCare.gov website shows Obama’s incompetence, Trump said.

“You don’t fix websites, you start over,” he said. “Everything they’ve done is so bad, it’s cartoonish.”

Greta asked Trump what he’d advise the president to do now.

“Drop back and punt,” he said. “Obamacare is a disaster. It’s going to have to be scrapped.”

Watch the interview here via Fox News:

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