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See unusual Obamacare bashing tweets from surprising source

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If President Obama’s press conference Thursday wasn’t enough to convince you that Obamacare is now an unmitigated disaster, a tweet by CNN’s Piers Morgan is certain to do the trick.

The British journalist reminded us that more people have signed a petition to have him deported than have signed up for the Affordable Care Act. He then offered Obama a bit of advice:

A petition created at the White House website in the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn., calling for Morgan’s deportation currently has 109,334 signatures, according to Newsbusters.

The total enrollment through the ObamaCare exchanges stands at about 106,000.

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Morgan would later trash the press conference itself:

Showing no signs of letting Morgan off the hook for his past support for Obama and his disastrous healthcare law, Twitter users let Morgan know they still want him gone!

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