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Humorous Top 10 list: ‘Why I didn’t sign up on Healthcare.gov’

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After noting how disappointing the number of signups on HealthCare.gov has been for the Obama Administration, the Heritage Foundation wondered what could be keeping people from signing up.

The disastrous website is a given, but the conservative think tank came up with a “Top 10” list, à la David Letterman, of what might be holding folks back.

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10. There was no app for that

9. Still waiting on my free Obamaphone

8. Link was from a Nigerian prince

7. Got suspicious when it asked for payment in doubloons

6. They used Comic Sans

5. Couldn’t remember my underwear size when they asked

4. No cats

3. Website made by Canadians

2. Panda Cam came back online

1. Obama didn’t

Not only does Heritage inject a little humor into a bad situation, but also offers a conservative alternative that will address the healthcare needs of Americans by “taking the best health care system in the world and making it even better,” as stated by Heritage president Jim DeMint.

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