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Pelosi claims Obamacare sign-ups are 5 times more than HHS numbers show

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U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D- Calif.) must have missed an important administration memo when she tweeted out a claim Wednesday afternoon that one million “have applied and are eligible” to get insurance via the Obamacare marketplace. Then came this lie: “500,000 have already secured coverage.”

Poor busy Nancy. Maybe she, like the president, learns about important things happening in our country from the news media. Could someone please send her the link to the announcement made by HHS Wednesday afternoon?

The administration had originally hoped to sign up a half-million people in the first month of open enrollment. Now more than six weeks into the troubled launch of HealthCare.gov and other state-based exchanges, HHS announced Wednesday that 106,185 people had selected a plan as of Nov. 2. And just 27,000 did so via the federal exchanges.

Tweepers had a lot to say. Most of it can be summed up by these examples:

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