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Obama’s suggested fix is ‘kicking the can,’ says Fla. Gov. Scott

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Faced with the outrage of Americans losing health insurance policies thanks to Obamacare, and and a combative Republican Congress, President Obama on Thursday tried to find a way out of the latest problem with the health-care law by offering to let states and insurance companies extend policies that don’t meet Obamacare requirements.

But Republicans like Florida Gov. Rick Scott remained skeptical the president’s proposal to allow a year’s reprieve from the law’s standards would be a workable solution.

obamacareII1114“The patchwork changes President Obama announced to his healthcare law today amount to nothing more than kicking the can down the road for 300,000 Florida families who are losing the insurance plans the president told them they could keep,” Scott said in a statement.

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner on Thursday called Obamacare “a “rolling calamity that has to be stopped.”

“This is going to destroy the best health care delivery system in the world,” Boehner said shortly before Obama spoke, according to Fox News.

Speaking in the White House briefing room, Obama said his administration had “fumbled” the rollout of its so-called signature achievement. In particular, the complaints about canceled health insurance, like those in Florida, had reached a tipping point.

“I completely get how upsetting this can be … I hear you loud and clear,” he said, according to Politico.

He said his plan would allow insurers to extend policies that “would otherwise be cancelled into 2014.”

But Republicans like Scott said “solving” a problem for 2014 doesn’t solve anything for Obamacare and the problems it guarantees for the future.

“What happens to these families in a year?” Scott said in the statement. “Will these families still see their insurance costs go up?  President Obama’s changes to his own law will likely be the first of many. It is a bad law.”

However, Florida House Minority Leader Rep. Perry Thurston, D-Fort Lauderdale, who is challenging Attorney General Pam Bondi in next year’s election, praised the president.

“Florida has the second highest rate of uninsured in America with millions of uninsured residents,” Perry said in a statement Thursday, “so I am proud that President Obama continues to take positive action to help Floridians attain the health coverage they deserve and need.”



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