New Q-Poll says Christie beats Hillary in 2016



If you are not now, or will never be, “Ready for Hillary” then here is a new Quinnipiac poll released on November 13 that should lift your spirits for the 2016 presidential race.

Newly reelected New Jersey Governor Chris Christie tops former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by one point, 43 percent to 42 percent.

Please be aware that this poll taken three years before the November 8, 2016 presidential election means absolutely nothing.

However, the results below might serve as a baseline snapshot of the key demographic groups that will determine who captures the White House in 2016.

  • Clinton wins women by a margin of 48 to 39 percent.
  • Christie wins men by 47 to 35 percent.
  • Christie wins Independent voters by 48 to 32 percent.
  • Christie wins white voters by 50 to 35 percent.
  • Clinton wins black voters by 77 to 12 percent.
  • Clinton wins Hispanic voters by 46 to 38 percent.

It is also important to note that last week a widely reported NBC News survey had Clinton up 10 points over Christie.

Could Clinton’s one week fall signal a severe negative reaction to Obamacare?

Or, is it a reflection of all the national media attention that Christie received since his landslide victory on November 5 in New Jersey?

Once again, this latest poll means nothing — except maybe it does.


Myra Adams

Myra Adams

Myra Adams is a producer & political writer. She was on the 2004 Bush campaign creative team and 2008 McCain campaign Ad Council.

Writing credits include National Review, World Net Daily, Washington Examiner, PJ Media, Daily Beast, RedState, Daily Caller, and Liberty Unyielding

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Myra Adams


10 thoughts on “New Q-Poll says Christie beats Hillary in 2016

  1. Ron says:

    If we don’t elect Ted Cruise we are in trouble!!!

    1. Criximar says:

      And if the Gop attempts to nominate Ted ‘Not American born’ Cruz much laughs will be had. Not eligible to run for president. Also despite taking college, dosen’t know the moral of Green Eggs and Ham, which he tried to claim was an example of the masses hating the affordable care act. So yeah, lolz will be had.

      1. katy says:

        Stupid are ya? Cruz mother is an American citizen. they were merely in Canada because his father took a job there. Cruz holds duel Canadian/US citizenship I wish you libtards would at least make a feeble attempt at getting your, I hate to use it, I know it’s a dirty word, FACTS, straight. How’s the ObamaDon’tGiveaShit working for ya? How bout that website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Gooollllly!

  2. Cherie Dupler says:

    No to them both. Vote conservative or we all lose. Neither fit the bill.

    1. 09dogg38 says:

      GOP is for America Dems are socialists.It ain’t your pops democratic party.I’d vote for anybody but a democrat.They are quickly destroying the nation.

      1. katy says:

        I agree. But if Karl Rove, who is the one who picks the Rep nominee with his Super Pac, puts up Chris Christie, I am packing my bags and moving to Belgium. What a total waste of air!

  3. Ted Strickland says:

    Somebody is dreaming again. I say run Cruz and Christie with either on top. they will lose. Christie is a possibility, but a real long shot. even the GOP doesn’t really like him since he hugged President Obama. Just goes to show how dense that party can be. The Democrats would love to have Cruz on any ticket. You could save time just hand the election over to the Democrats. sounds like the GOP is getting there.

    1. katy says:

      The democrats are scared SHITLESS of CRUZ and YOU know it.

      1. Mark Morris says:

        I agree Katy,The Democrats are trying to get so far away from Obama, like rats deserting a ship! They know they’ll be looking for new jobs in 2014! And I would love to see Rand and Cruz run in 2016!

  4. Broke Obama says:

    We may have to go for Christie he will get more votes overall . Cruz ,whether you love him or not may not get enough GOP backers to pull it off even though i think hes the greatest thing since sliced bread . There are those who think hes over the top and a little too hard core for their taste and that may be his undoing .

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