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Mitt Romney earns Nostradamus reputation

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During his failed 2012 presidential bid, former Gov. Mitt Romney predicted that a second Barack Obama administration would not bode well for the country, and each of those predictions are now coming true.

Ten months ago, we asked if t Romney was turning out to be the modern-day equivalent of Nostradamus on the basis of four predictions and assessments he had correctly made during the campaign A recent video pieced together by the Washington Free Beacon illustrates that his predictions continue to be proved correct.

Romney correctly predicted that if Obamacare became fully implemented, millions of policyholders would lose their health insurance. That’s already happened in just the last month.

The GOP candidate also declared Russia to be the United States’ “No. 1 geopolitical foe,” a statement repeatedly ridiculed by President Obama, but becoming all too true.

Romney predicted that the president’s unwillingness to work with Congress would lead to governmental gridlock. We just recently came out of a government shutdown caused by his refusal to budge.

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