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Gov. Scott takes NY by storm, promotes Fla. tax cuts

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott was in New York City on Wednesday promoting his proposed $500 million cuts in taxes and fees for Sunshine State residents.

Scott visited the New York Stock Exchange and appeared on Fox Business’ “Varney & Co.”

“We can’t cut our income tax because we have none,” Scott told host Stuart Varney. “We’ve been reducing our business tax every year so about 70 percent of our businesses don’t pay a business tax.”

Scott said he’s looking at other fees and costs to trim, adding that $500 million of additional money will go back to the citizens.

“Cause you know what?” Scott asked. “You’ll put money into either housing or transportation, you might put money into getting your kids a better education or maybe start a business.

“We have 271,000 job openings in our state because people are starting businesses in our state because they can do so well.”

Watch the segment here via Fox Business:

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