Conservative actress Stacey Dash debuts on ‘Red Eye’ to talk ‘hosurance’

The new Obamacare ads that blatantly promote promiscuity became fodder for Greg Gurfeld’s late night Fox News show, “Redeye,” when he asked, “Are dopes easier to snare with Obamacare?”

Actress Stacey Dash made her debut guest appearance, and compared Obamacare to a faulty auto design.

“When automotive companies produce a care that explodes on impact, they normally recall the car and stop the ads immediately,” she said. “These people are continuing to sell us a car they know is going to explode, and convince us that Jane and Dick are not going to be crispy critters.”

Senior Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal was photographed between fellow guests Miss New York USA JoAnne Nosuchinsky Dash, and tweeted, and tweeted his apreciation:


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