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Poll says more Americans trust Fox News than Obama on Obamacare

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There’s little doubt that President Obama dislikes the Fox News Channel, especially when it comes to his signature healthcare law. As seen in the video, he loves to call the network out for ridicule.

Unfortunately for him, this speech was given a few days ‘before’ the disastrous launch of the website he was touting.

A new poll out is not going to do much to improve this relationship, as it shows more Americans trust Fox News as a source of information about Obamacare than they do the man for whom the law is named after.

According to YouGov.com, 19 percent of those polled said they trust Fox News more, compared to only 11 percent who said they trust Obama, the Washington Examiner reported.

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Even worse for the president, just 35 percent said they trust Obama’s word a lot or some, while 52 percent said they trust him not too much or not at all.

The YouGov.com question: Which ONE of the following sources of information about the new health care law do you trust the MOST?

Fox News — 19 percent

Friends and family — 17 percent

President Obama — 11 percent

National Public Radio — 10 percent

Your insurance company — 9 percent

Local TV news — 6 percent

Republicans in Congress — 4 percent

MSNBC — 3 percent

BBC News — 3 percent

CNN — 3 percent

CBS News — 2 percent

NBC News — 2 percent

Obama administration officials — 2 percent

Democrats in Congress — 2 percent

Wall Street Journal — 2 percent

Local daily newspaper — 2 percent

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