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O’Keefe’s ‘real journalism’ results in one Obamacare navigator fired, 3 suspended

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Well, that didn’t take long at all and shows just how powerful journalism can be when truth is the agenda.

As BizPac Review reported on Tuesday, activist James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released a video Monday that busted a few Obamacare navigators engaging in fraud and corruption.

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Late Tuesday, O’Keefe tweeted a link to a Fox News article reporting that one of those caught on video encouraging an applicant to lie was fired and three others were suspended:

Of course, whenever the left moves that quickly, you just know they are worried. According to an earlier tweet by O’Keefe, they have every reason to be:

Having come through once again, the man who played an integral role in the elimination of ACORN was trumpeted on Twitter as a shining example of “real journalism” at a time when media corruption runs rampant. Twitchy shared a few responses:

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