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Obamacare rate hikes driving interest in ‘sugar daddies’

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seeking arrangementObamacare’s insurance premium increases have convinced some women to consider getting a “sugar daddy” to cover the added costs, according to a website that facilitates such agreements.

“With Obamacare projected to nationally increase insurance premiums by an average of 41 percent, SeekingArrangement.com is targeting women by enticing them with a much sweeter plan, courtesy of its wealthy SugarDaddies,” said SeekingArrangement.com in a news release.

“The dating site saw an 83 percent increase in the keyword, health care, on all its new profiles since Oct. 1, sparking a campaign to educate women on the Sugar Daddy Plan,” the site said.

The health care exchange website made its problematic debut on Oct. 1.

“If you’re a young and beautiful woman (or man), SeekingArrangement.com has got you covered,” the site said.

Read more at the Washington Examiner. 


Published with permission from Watchdog.org


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