AFP-FL calls out 3 GOP state senators’ voting record in new ad campaign

Americans for Prosperity’s Florida chapter has launched a scathing ad campaign against three state senators for their poor votes on common-sense reforms and economic freedom-related issues during the 2013 legislative session.

The mail, TV and social media campaign targets Republican Sens. Charlie Dean, Greg Evers and Nancy Detert, and will through the end of November to educate voters on their records.

Americans for Prosperity’s Florida state director, Slade O’Brien, released this statement Wednesday:

“These three senators voted to give taxpayer-funded handouts to billionaires, opposed giving parents the power to turn around failing schools, and voted to kill common-sense reform of the antiquated Florida pension plan—reforms that would have protected and honored the contracts of everyone currently in the system while protecting Florida’s taxpayers moving forward. These are issues that conservatives in their districts care about and they need to know that it was their own senator that let them down. We intend to make it very clear that when AFP issues a ‘key vote’ on a specific issue, we mean business. We mean it when we say we’ll educate their constituents back home on the outcome of those votes.

“Polling has shown that the policies outlined in our Five for Florida plan are supported by a majority of Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike.  With the public growing ever more disgusted with the mess that is Washington, DC, there’s no better time for the Florida Legislature to restore the public’s faith in government by passing these common sense reforms.”

Americans for Prosperity advocates a common-sense reform agenda called Five for Florida. According to the group’s statement, it plans to “make taxes fairer; help end cronyism and the overwhelming influence of special interests; bring more accountability and transparency to government; require fiscal responsibility; expand competition and choice in education; eliminate unnecessary government burdens on businesses; and make Florida the most attractive state in the nation for both businesses and families.”

Watch the TV ads here:

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