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Actor Rob Lowe to NBC: People should stop looking for government handouts

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Actor Rob Lowe used a memorable John F. Kennedy line to illustrate to NBC’s “Press Pass” host David Gregory on Sunday that he doesn’t necessarily share the liberal leanings of his Hollywood brethren.

“Just my own world view is that the individual needs to be more responsible for their own lives, and that’s not the conversation we’re having right now, for whatever reason,” he said, speaking of (WHAT TOPIC??). Earlier, Lowe quoted the late president’s famous words, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Lowe continued, “Today I think that’s – our discussion is the inverse. People are asking, ‘What can our government do for us?'”

Lowe’s politics are apparently evolving, because he once campaigned on behalf of one-time Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis. Although not nearly as open with his political views as fellow actor James Woods, Lowe occasionally raises the curtain just enough to offer a peek into his ideology.

Appearing on Fox News’ “The Sean Hannity Show” a few years ago, he said liberal politics are more based on emotion, while conservative politics are intellectually-based.

“I think that artists build their art around empathy,” he said at the time, referring to the Hollywood community. “Liberal politics is built on empathy. I think conservative politics, from my opinion is built on …”

“Common sense?” Hannity suggested.

“Logic,” Lowe said. “Logic and empathy — it’s like left-brain, right-brain stuff. So I just think naturally empathetic artists are drawn to that.”

Watch the exchange here:

As the presidential campaigns were heating up last year, Lowe tweeted his assessment of CNN’s reporting bias toward President Obama:

Even though he got the name wrong — it’s Erin Burnett, not Erin Brown — the tweet gained notice around the corridors of “the most trusted name in news,” where Burnett mentioned the post a few nights later.

All in all, it’s nice to see the Hollywood crowd come out of the closet to declare its conservatism, even if it comes in drips and drabs. It gives me added faith in humanity.

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