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White candidate who won ‘being black’ says only liberal media feels deceived

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It’s highly improbable that anyone could have ever predicted that a seat on the Houston Community College System board of trustees would draw national attention. And were it not for the “liberal media,” it may not have, according to the newly elected candidate.

In a tight race last Tuesday, Dave Wilson, a white Republican, beat a 24-year black incumbent for the seat in a predominantly black district, which led some to suggest he misled voters about his race.

Wilson didn’t tell any actual lies, he simply sent out mailers that did not have a photo of himself, but did include photos of black models and actors.

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In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday’s “New Day,” Wilson denied that he deceived voters into thinking he was black.

“I didn’t put my picture out there because I wanted to stick with the issues,” Wilson said.

“I wanted to run this campaign on the issues, not my skin color,” Wilson said when asked why he didn’t put his image on campaign literature. “Because it was an African-American district, I didn’t feel like putting my picture on any of those brochures would get me any votes.”

Cuomo tried again and again to press Wilson into admitting that he deceived the voters.

“Doesn’t it all add up to a little bit of a campaign of evasion, to be honest?” Cuomo asked.

“I live in that district,” Wilson said with a laugh. “The people that said they’re deceived is my opponent, Bruce Austin, and the liberal news media.”

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