James O’Keefe does it again, busting Obamacare navigators

James O'Keefe

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James O’Keefe, the man who helped bring down ACORN through a series of undercover videos, has struck again.

This time, O’Keefe and Project Veritas have uncovered fraud and corruption in the Obamacare navigator program.

Over $67 million dollars in taxpayer funded grants have been directed to the program to help Americans enroll in the Obamacare exchanges.

The latest effort must have given O’Keefe a sense of déjà vu considering Wade Rathke, ACORN’s highly controversial founder, was among the recipients of this money through a group he created after ACORN disbanded.

Not only can US Marines fight, they can dance too

A Texas navigator site run by the National Urban League is targeted in a new video that depicts “government-paid workers supposedly trained to uphold the law advise clients on how to lie on government forms, evade legal requirements, and ignore proper procedures,” John Fund reported in an article for National Review Online.

The video captures one navigator advising a Project Veritas investigator to lie about smoking, and another telling him not to report income made on the side.

O’Keefe’s cameras then visit Enroll America, a nationwide nonprofit group launched to help folks sign up for health coverage. A group advertised as being “not partisan, non-political.”

But when an official for Enroll America is introduced at an event, the group is said to be “the official group for the DNC [Democratic National Committee].”

Furthermore, according to O’Keefe, Enroll America looks to be working with Battleground Texas, an organization “started by President Obama’s national field director” and is “dedicated to turning Texas blue” — a description Fund attributed to a regional field director for Battleground Texas.

It sounds as if the spirit of ACORN is alive and well, represented by another taxpayer funded scheme that will serve as little more than an extension of the Democratic Party reelection effort.

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97 thoughts on “James O’Keefe does it again, busting Obamacare navigators

  1. Jerry says:

    This is liberalism. Over my dead body will I sign up or pay a fine. F U Obama Filth Scum of the earth.

    1. Meow Mixte says:

      Agreed! Like our forefathers before us, we deserve to die without healthcare!

      1. Jerry says:

        It certainly should be our choice.

        1. Meow Mixte says:

          Yes, it should be our choice not be insured, especially since health insurance was not affordable for people the working middle class and the poor. Instead, we can just burden other taxpayers when we fall ill by clogging up emergency rooms because we don’t have health insurance. As Americans, we should choose to continue to funnel money into the healthcare/insurance company industrial like we have always done pre-Affordable Care Act.

          1. Jerry says:

            Yes and now we should have to pay for everyone else’s dysfunctional lifestyles. We all need to pay for smokers, druggies, alcohol abusers, gay bowl diseases, sore throats. Do you fit into the category I just described?

          2. Meow Mixte says:

            Must be nice up on your throne where you get to judge people who need help. And let’s be honest, you definitely don’t make any money so the taxes you pay probably can’t even buy a book for the public library. Quit your whining. It’s not American.

          3. Jerry says:

            You did not answer the question you useless liberal scum. Do you fit into the category I previously described? People choose those activities. I owe them and you zero. No one else’s life is my fault.

          4. Meow Mixte says:

            You must have had a very difficult, cruel life. I’m sorry for your hardships. People like yourself deserve good friends, a listening ear, and above all, understanding and empathy.

          5. Jerry says:

            You still didn’t answer my question flake bastard loser. By the way I am working 2 jobs and have plenty of friends. Perhaps you are a fa** ot or a dyke with a disease.
            People like you keep taking what I produce you prideless scum. Pay me what you owe me loser. Obey the constitution you un American socialist.

          6. Meow Mixte says:

            You’re so poor that you have to work two jobs. That’s probably why you’re so bitter and angry and want to yell at everyone else for being stuck in the same place you were born while everyone else went and made something of themselves and got to be happy. I’m sure you have friends, but that’s probably because you don’t whine to them like you bellyache on the internet. You want me to “Obey the constitution” but you didn’t even capitalize “Constitution” you disrespectful idiot. Real americans know to respect our history; obviously you know nothing about it.

          7. Jerry says:

            You still haven’t answered my original question liberal loser demon.

          8. Meow Mixte says:

            You’re fixated on your original question about WHO I AM because you know your argument is weak and your logic is flawed. You can’t have a discussion because you’re not intelligent and have no evidence to support your insane claims and accusations.

          9. Jerry says:

            Its obvious you are a burden on society.

          10. Meow Mixte says:

            It’s obvious my tax money that went to educating you was essentially for nothing, seeing as how you’re about the dumbest person in the U.S.

          11. Jerry says:

            Actually no tax dollars went towards my education. Boy aren’t you full of making stuff up.

          12. Meow Mixte says:

            “Actually no tax dollars went towards my education.” I don’t even think you went to your education. It shows. Being stupid is not American and you should be ashamed of yourself.

          13. Jerry says:

            Actually my parents sacrificed and sent me to private school. I did not have to mix with all you public bastard loser flakes.

          14. Meow Mixte says:

            You went to private school? It must’ve been a low-tier private school because you are about as dumb as a bag of dirt.

          15. Jerry says:

            I am complimented to be called dumb by the likes of you.

          16. Meow Mixte says:

            Because you’re too stupid to understand that it’s an insult.

          17. Jerry says:

            Your to stupid to know you liberals are demons.

          18. Meow Mixte says:

            It is obvious you’re a burden on our society because you’re so stupid, it’s making everyone else dumber by just being around you. When did our nation become a nation of dumb old white complainers? Honestly!

          19. Jerry says:

            When the rate of bastards broke 50%.

          20. Meow Mixte says:

            When the rate of old white men complaining broke 99%! When did our great nation become a nation of uneducated whiney old white men?

          21. Jerry says:

            You keep aping what I say. Can’t you think of your own answer?

          22. Meow Mixte says:

            Listen, cracker. I’m quoting you to highlight how stupid you are, to make you confront the idiocy of your own words.

          23. Jerry says:

            Its cracker again. Specifically, what in my words is so stupid.

          24. Meow Mixte says:

            “Socialist”? Grandpa, are you stuck in the Cold War or something?

          25. Jerry says:

            You still haven’t answered my original question. YoBama is a gay marriage loving, dope legalizing, abortion baby killing liberal demon.

          26. Meow Mixte says:

            Grandpa, did you tell them to get off your lawn? Please put down the shotgun, grandpa.

          27. Jerry says:

            Its not our fault that you and your kind don’t control your sexual urges any better than a stupid animal. I feel like I am talking to a stupid ape having to tell you liberal scums the same thing over and over. Its not our fault people won’t use free birth control that is available.
            How many kids have you bred and how many different women did you breed them with you loser cry baby bastard scum.

          28. Meow Mixte says:

            Free birth control that’s available? You mean while Republic men in Congress keep voting to suppress sex education, limit the availability of contraception and comprehensive sex education in our schools? You want to know how many kids I’ve bred? Ask you M0M.

          29. Jerry says:

            Fact is you loser, before you infernal liberals started sex ed the bastard (Gods word) rate has tripled since sex education and sex glorification on TV. 90% of all crime is committed by a bastard.
            Prior to you liberals forcing you sex education on our students the white bastard rate was 6% and the black bastard rate was 25%. Since 40 years of sex ed the white bastard rateis now 25% and the black bastard rate is as high as 80%. You are one stupid person.

          30. Meow Mixte says:

            Yes, people are having more sex because of sexual education, how logical. 100 percent of homicide is caused by humans. Did you know that it’s a statistical fact that bastards are caused solely on the basis of skin color and absolutely no other factors?

          31. Jerry says:

            There is no hope for you. You are one stupid idiot. This is why societies problems will never by solved. You belligerent liberals will not admit what the problems are.

          32. Meow Mixte says:

            I can’t control my sexual urges when I’m around y0ur mom.

          33. Jerry says:

            Now you resort to making stuff up. At least I know who my father is.

          34. Meow Mixte says:

            I know who your father is…it’s me, son.

          35. Jerry says:

            Is that how I got as stupid as you claim I am. Also I’m probably older than you so you stupid idiot explain how you could be my father. You won’t answer because you are to lazy to answer my other questions. Perhaps you are a fa**ot also.

          36. Meow Mixte says:

            Believe me, I’m not homosexual, though I wouldn’t mind giving you a good spanking to set you straight, Jerry. Ask your mother, she’ll tell you how straight I am.

          37. Jerry says:

            Your comment is meaningless and worthless as you are. My skin is all white so you are not my father. At least I know who my father is.

          38. Meow Mixte says:

            Yes, and Obama is President and you’re just a poor white nobody who will never amount to anything or achieve anything worthwhile in your life. How does that make you feel? Proud to be white?

          39. Jerry says:

            Now I see you are a demonic black. Whites have more than repaid blacks for slavery. With all our tax dollars going to welfare, free public education, jobs rigged to blacks when a white was far more qualified, free medical care, and hundreds of other social programs. We owe you zero.
            I have already made my place in Heaven. I have succeeded. You won’t admit Husatin YoBama is a demon so I suspect you will rot in hell with him.

          40. Meow Mixte says:

            “I have already made my place in Heaven. I have succeeded.” LOL You delusional old man, there’s a special place in hell reserved for old angry (AND DELUSIONAL) racists like you.

          41. Jerry says:

            Ah, resorting to the race card. You lost the argument so you must call me a racist to change the subject. You thieving liberal scums will never make me feel guilty.

          42. Meow Mixte says:

            Oh, I brought up the race card? That’s rich (unlike you since you’re poor trash). You were the one asking me what my ethnicity was you hypocritical government lover. It’s only a matter of time before old white racists like you die off and hopefully you didn’t brainwash your poor (literally – they must be really poor) children.

          43. Jerry says:

            When did I ever ask you what your ethnicity was? You are hallucinating. Also you called me old angry and delusional racist. That is the race card. You think you are winning this argument but when you won’t back up what you say or answer the questions you have lost the argument.

          44. Meow Mixte says:

            I’ve backed up what I’ve said by using quoting your own words, but then you get all riled up and confused in your old age. Are you worried about your kind getting extinct? Because I’m not.

          45. Jerry says:

            You don’t know what you are talking about. Wait until 2014 sucker loser bastard.

          46. Meow Mixte says:

            What’s going to happen? Are you finally going to die in 2014? Let’s hope so…

          47. Jerry says:

            Are you mad boy? Yea, you real mad boy.

          48. Meow Mixte says:

            “Whites have more than repaid blacks for slavery.” You mean by creating slums and housing projects, unsuitable education in urban areas, incarcerating people who aren’t white, etc.? Wow, your idea of service and charity must be shooting people. I’d hate to see what you give out at Christmas – dead cats?

          49. Jerry says:

            They were not slums when they were built. You people that live in them tore them up. Furthermore we spend more on education than any other country in the world.
            You unappreciative bastard. When you liberals started confiscating our taxes you claimed it would cure societies ills. The social problems you liberal scums promised to fix are now more intractable than ever.
            Today we have more bastards, idleness, crime, drugs, marital desertion, alcoholism, poverty, and all the other problems liberal compassion promised to fix than in the history of the U.S.
            As for shooting people, I will leave that to the savages in Chicago, DC, Philly, Baltimore and other big liberal cities.

          50. Meow Mixte says:

            “They were not slums when they were built. ” Wow! You studied urban planning and sociology in college, huh? And history of cities in the U.S.? No? Well then shut the phuq up. You have no idea what you’re talking about you loony old man.

            “When you liberals started confiscating our taxes you claimed it would cure societies ills.” You are delusional. Taxes have always been around. It’s America, you dummy. Go back to whatever country you came from. You know who’s taking your money? Rich wall streeters. You know why you have to work two jobs? Because the rich have most of the wealth in the country. Don’t you get it? While you’re busy blaming other poor people, you’ve only managed to remain poor yourself. I’m not surprised you had no schooling.

          51. Jerry says:

            There was no personal income tax until WWII. It was suppose to end when the war was won. You liberals said keeping an income tax would cure societies ills. You only confiscated 2% and now with all the taxes you collect about 40%. Twenty times more taxes and 20 times more crime. Go to hell you ignorant fool.

          52. Meow Mixte says:

            You are not a true American because you’re a little wussy who’s afraid of paying taxes. Why don’t you just move to another country, back to where your people came from, if you can’t take it? Stop your whining, you old baby.

          53. Jerry says:

            You just will not address my point you loser bastard scum. How much of that crime rate are you a part of? How many times have you been arrested? How many felonies do you have? Are you on probation? Can’t wait for the real judgment day when no stone will be left unturned. God will convict you for the crimes you think you have gotten away with.

          54. Meow Mixte says:

            Yes our great nation would be a better place without any taxes whatsoever. You’re complaining about taxes, yet we’ve already established that you barely pay any taxes. Are you upset that you pay a bigger percentage of your pay going to taxes while richer people pay less? Does that upset you? Or are you just angry at invisible people taking and spending your money?

          55. Jerry says:

            The top 2% richest pay 90% of the taxes. Those communists got you brainwashed real good.

          56. Meow Mixte says:

            Won’t someone PLEASE think of the RICH?! You work TWO jobs and you’ve somehow fooled yourself into thinking your loyalties are with them? Because you’re the same kind of people?

            I like how you arbitrarily make up statistics. Here’s a peer-reviewed article published by a respected news source: http://www.bankrate.com/finance/taxes/tax-deductions-favor-rich-1.aspx

          57. Jerry says:

            You are one lazy nobody.

          58. Meow Mixte says:

            Quit your whining. Your ancestors would be ashamed of how much bellyaching you do. Your kind of people is what’s wrong with America. The people I know get the job done. It’s shifty people like you, shirking responsibilities, looking to blame anyone else but yourself, who are ruining this once great country. “People choose those activities.” Right, things happen in a vacuum, and people choose to be addicted to substances that ruin their lives and end up killing them. I swear I hope you’re not a Christian, because Jesus would have to change the name of his religion if his followers were like you.

          59. Doug says:

            If you’re pregnant and you can’t pay your tubes should be tied after baby is born.

          60. Jerry says:

            Probably a good idea because many of them go on to have 5 or 10 more they can’t pay for.

          61. Meow Mixte says:

            Yeah, have you seen that show on TLC about those white people who have over a dozen kids? My taxes have to go to them but I’m okay with that.

          62. Jerry says:

            It doesn’t matter what color they are. They all bring down society and cost the responsible people money. Why do you choose to put race into it?
            Poor people should not buy lottery, booze, cigarettes, illegal drugs, and fancy cars and then complain that racists turned off their electric. We / I owe you zero.

          63. Meow Mixte says:

            “Poor people should not buy lottery, booze, cigarettes, illegal drugs, and fancy cars” – so you want to restrict people’s freedoms? You want bigger government telling citizens what we can or can’t do. ” They all bring down society and cost the responsible people money.” Actually, no, but you know who ACTUALLY brings down society? Punks like you who think they know better than everyone else and want to restrict rights and want bigger government. People like you who want to tell others what they can or cannot do. You’re as bad as big brother.

          64. Jerry says:

            Most people are poor because of their own faults. Its not other peoples fault they don’t know their own priorities. In fact I never said government should make them. You know how stupid you sound telling me I want bigger government when you advocate Health Care. You do what you want fool just don’t make me pay for your stupid choices.

          65. Meow Mixte says:

            Right, most people are poor because it’s their fault. People just LOVE being poor. You love being poor so much that you work two jobs. It’s your own fault for being poor, I guess. You said you want more (government) restrictions on what people are allowed to buy and not allowed to buy.

          66. Jerry says:

            If I didn’t have to pay so muck in taxes for those who don’t work when jobs are available and for people who keep making babies they can’t afford I would not have to work 2 jobs. We know most welfare money is obtained through fraud and lying.
            If people have enough money to buy vices then they don’t need tax dollars to buy food. You lazy scums don’t want to be responsible for any of your actions.

          67. Meow Mixte says:

            You don’t pay anything in taxes, so don’t act like you do. And if you do, you know who’s fault that is? You know who has the biggest tax break in the U.S.? The wealthy. You know who’s NOT wealthy? You.

          68. Jerry says:

            Don’t worry I pay some taxes. Losers like you hold me back all my life is the problem. You ought not make accusations you know nothing about.

          69. Meow Mixte says:

            Right, I’m the one that made you stupid. I’m the one that made you poor, not the poor decisions that you chose for yourself. You’re so shifty, reckless, and irresponsible. You and your people never take ownership of anything and live off the backs of real, hardworking American like myself. I’ve worked hard to have my taxes taken for stupid people like you and you’re blaming ME for holding you back all your life? AMERICA = NATION OF WHINERS (thanks to you!).

          70. Jerry says:

            Its not my fault you have no fava because he skipped out and yo mava is a crack ho. Its not my fault so many of you quit school and imitate gangsta crap and join gangs. Its not us old peoples fault that people impregnate as many females as possible because that is a symbol of showing your manhood. You really should not blame white people. Loser scum.

          71. Meow Mixte says:

            You speak and write like an idiot. I’m sorry you never got a proper education, grandpa.

          72. Jerry says:

            Exactly what is idiotic about what I said? Back up what you say for once.

          73. Meow Mixte says:

            “If people have enough money to buy vices then they don’t need tax dollars to buy food.” So I’m guessing you don’t ever buy cigarettes, alcohol, or junk food? If you do, I don’t want my tax money going to your roads or other services. People like you don’t deserve my tax money.

          74. Jerry says:

            I mean it, talking to you is like talking to a stupid ape. And no I don’t drink, use alcohol or smoke. I quit all that. Furthermore, I have never had welfare or unemployment. That’s why I work 2 jobs. I don’t like giving to those who always manipulate the system and won’ work 1 job even though they could.

          75. Meow Mixte says:

            “And no I don’t drink, use alcohol or smoke. I quit all that.” So you admit it! You’ve used drugs! You and your kind are always doing drugs but now you’re all high and might. Hypocrites.

          76. Jerry says:

            Not only did I not ever do drugs, I did not imply it in my last statement. You have a serious problem seeing things that are not there.

          77. Meow Mixte says:

            Alcohol is a drug you dumb whitey. Your private school must be ashamed. You never would’ve lasted in public school because they would’ve been too smart for you.

          78. Jerry says:

            Boy you blacks owe us so much God is going to have to turn you back into slaves again to pay us back.

          79. Meow Mixte says:

            Nobody wants anything from you and nobody is asking either because you have to work two jobs to make ends meet. There are lots of other poor people out there just like you. Nothing to be ashamed about. But no need to project it on others.

            “…and then complain that racists turned off their electric.” Wow – you must have a lot on your troubled mind because that is a complete tangent.

          80. Jerry says:

            You still have not answered my first question loser.

          81. Meow Mixte says:

            Nobody is trying to take the two cents you have in your bank account, so stop acting like anyone wants it.

          82. Jerry says:

            You still have not answered my first question loser bastard scum.

          83. Meow Mixte says:

            How many babies have you carried and had personally? Alternatively, how many people have you gotten pregnant (that you know of)? What do you mean by “pay”?
            In this world you’re dreaming up, are fathers involved or have any responsibility to “pay” after the baby is born?
            I’m a shocked to hear about such a stupid and controlling idea (“tubes should be tied”), but the quality of education is at an all time low in a lot of poor areas in the U.S. I’m sorry for your ignorance.

      2. Pamela K. Cahoon Laub says:

        We can pay out-of-pocket for healthcare without insurance.

        1. Meow Mixte says:

          If you have cancer, do you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket to pay?

          1. JJBuck says:

            I don’t know what planet you live on. I have two “real-world” examples right now in Orlando of young children in uninsured families, both tragically with brain tumors, that are getting the finest cancer treatment available. The hospital can bill them all they want but even if they don’t have the funds or don’t/can’t pay, they are still going to get as good treatment as available anywhere in the country. There IS another way, just not through this freakin’ mess called Obamacare.

          2. Meow Mixte says:

            “The hospital can bill them all they want but even if they don’t have the funds or don’t/can’t pay, they are still going to get as good treatment as available anywhere in the country. ”

            So not paying (medical) bills because you can’t afford to is your solution? Wow. T his country is in a lot more trouble than I thought.

          3. JJBuck says:

            You misunderstood…probably on purpose. There are plenty of other ways than defaulting on medical bills….but I was simply making the point that for someone to make the statement they don’t have access to care is simply false – ask any hospital administrator in the U.S.. Republicans offered not less than 157 amendments to ACA, not a single one of which was even brought to a committee vote, that would have allowed most of health care to stay in the private sector on a stepped regulatory basis rather than this mish-mash government/private sector abortion we now have on our hands. The private sector will always be the best choice for anything, given the system we have in place. And just wait, because there are not going to be enough doctors – we already have a shortage. Anyone who seriously believes this ACA is going to work is delusional.

          4. Meow Mixte says:

            “I was simply making the point that for someone to make the statement they don’t have access to care is simply false…” You’ve never heard of people not being able to afford treatment or not been able to afford their prescriptions?

            “The private sector will always be the best choice for anything…” I can tell you’ve never studied economics. I can also tell you’re willfully ignoring history.

            ACA is working because people who were uninsured before because of artificially high costs of healthcare because of private insurance companies can now afford to be covered.

  2. Sherry Moore says:

    Go get EM boys! Turn Texas blue my a$$

  3. Doug says:

    Finding incompetence in government is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    1. Meow Mixte says:

      Finding efficiency in private companies is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

  4. Felix Rodkin says:

    I have very highly racially weighed question: the people who check up on applications, will they let white people get away with lies in their statements? Or is it allowed for “minorities” only?

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