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Florida college kids chug beer with Creepy Uncle Sam

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umgenopp1112Generation Opportunity – the conservative group behind those hilarious Creepy Uncle Sam ads — rolled into the parking lot of Sun Life Stadium for Saturday’s University of Miami-Virginia Tech game to try to talk some young Floridians out of being taken in by liberals’ Obamacare con game.

According to an email the group’s communications director sent to the Tampa Bay Times, it sounds like a good time was had by all.

Generation Opporunity’s David Pasch wrote in the email:

“We rolled in with a fleet of Hummers, F-150’s and Suburbans, each vehicle equipped with an 8’ high balloon bouquet floating overhead. We hired a popular student DJ from UMiami (DJ Joey), set up OptOut cornhole sets, beer pong tables, bought 75 pizzas, and hired 8 ‘brand ambassadors’ aka models with bullhorns to help .

“Student activists independently brought (lots of) beer and liquor for consumption by those 21 and over. Oh yeah, and we educated students about their healthcare options outside the expensive and creepy Obamacare exchanges.”

Pasch wrote that about 100 University of Miami College Republicans helped staff the show.

The liberals at the TB Times sound a little put off by the whole thing.

“Judging from the pictures, it seems some were there more for the party than the message,” the paper notes archly.

Shocking isn’t it?

If it’s true, it would be the first time in the history of academia that a college student has ever been more interested in a party than a political message. Just like every one of those Occupy stoners was passionately committed to the overthrow of capitalism back in 2011. (That’s why they disappeared when winter set in.)

At least the conservatives were showing the young folks a good time and trying to keep them from getting jammed by Uncle Sam.

Considering how badly the Hurricanes got killed — at the homecoming game, no less — the anti-Obamacare party might have been the most fun in South Florida all day.


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