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Cavuto tells politicians ‘shut up, take cue from real heroes’

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“Shhh. Stop. Actually, shut up,” is what Fox NewsNeil Cavuto told “disingenuous” politicians on Monday, as he paid tribute to our soldiers on Veterans Day.

“This day, of all days, take a cue from some real heroes and just stop talking,” Cavuto said. “Before you wage you next PR battle, learn from some folks who’ve actually been through battle: Our soldiers, our veterans, our bravest, our best.”

Veterans day“You talk a good fight, they fight the good fight. You say all the right words, they opt for few, if any words. You’re very big on sounding tough, they’re big on being tough,” Cavuto continued.

Their “actions speak louder than any politician’s words.”

Watch Cavuto’s moving tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom:

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