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Strange Obamacare glitch makes Massachusetts users ‘crazy’

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The online insurance exchange in the state President Obama chose to launch his defense of the Obamacare debacle is posting some pretty embarrassing troubles of its own – putting down potential users as prison inmates or mental patients even before they finish applying.

According to comments on the Health Connector website and Facebook page compiled by the Boston Herald, Massachusetts computer users hoping to sign on to the state Obamacare exchange are getting pushed off by a system that seems to take for granted that people logging on are actually locked up – or should be.

prisoner1111“We couldn’t electronically verify your incarceration status. Please submit proof of your incarceration,” the website told South Boston user Adam Romanow, according to the Herald.

“It was crazy,” Romanow told the paper. “I’ve never had handcuffs on in my life.”

Suburban Boston resident Nancy Wilde told the Herald she answered “No” to a question on the site, and was then asked if she’s been placed in a mental hospital yet or was still waiting to be arraigned.

Some of the problems are more prosaic: Hyphenated names getting cut off after the hyphen; endless malfunctions; computer users told to submit paper applications.

All this in Massachusetts, that deep Democratic state that gave the world Teddy Kennedy – and where “universal” care’s been the law for six years now.

A Health Connector spokesman told the Herald they’re dancing as fast as they can.

“We know some users have had frustrating experiences, and we are doing everything possible to fix the issues those individuals are experiencing,” he said.


“It’s a nightmare. It’s a total frustration,” Romanow told the Herald. “With something like health care and when it’s something the state is running, when you release it to the public, it’s got to be perfect, or at least 99.9 percent. Right now it’s running at 60 percent, and that’s 
being optimistic.”

Maybe anyone optimistic about Obamacare should be locked up.

Even in Massachusetts.

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