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Oliver North’s incredibly touching tribute to today’s young veterans

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If this 2009 address before the National Rifle Association by Lt. Col. Oliver North, USMC (ret) doesn’t instill pride for the young men and women serving in today’s American military, you should probably have someone check your heartbeat — you may be dead.

After describing today’s enlisted personnel as “brighter, better educated, better trained, led and equipped than any soldier, sailor, airman, guardsman or Marine of any country in history,” he backs it up with specifics.

Especially memorable is an anecdote from Iraq in April of 2003, in which he illustrates what distinguishes the American military from that of every other country — compassion.

Have a safe and enjoyable Veterans Day. After watching the video, be sure to honor our vets today, and catch, Thank you to our vets; BPR remembers your sacrifice

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