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Obamacare exchange: Hackers welcome, no experience necessary

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The Obamacare insurance exchange is making it incredibly easy for identity thieves to gain access to your information. You only have to ask. The exchange reportedly gave a St. Louis woman’s personal information, including home address and Social Security number, to three different people.

Lisa Martinson registered in the exchange and later forgot her password. When she called customer service, she was informed that her account information was given to three different people, according to News 4 St. Louis.

Now she just wants her personal data offline. The exchange told her that could take up to five days.

News 4 St. Louis contacted the security people at HealthCare.gov on the Martinson case and were told, “We have contacted the consumer directly, are investigating the situation and will take the necessary steps.”

Sounds like standard government speak to me.

Watch the report from News 4.
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