Kerry clams up on his explosive JFK assassination theory

John Kerry

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U.S. Sec. of State John Kerry made headlines with his recent admission that he does not believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy almost 50 years ago this month.

As part of an upcoming, weeklong series and NBC documentary on the former president’s assassination, Kerry, who was a college student when Kennedy was killed, told Tom Brokaw: “To this day, I have serious doubts that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I certainly have doubts that he was motivated by himself.”

Rejecting out of hand the Warren Commission Report’s official finding that Oswald did act alone, Kerry said he also does not believe the theories that the Central Intelligence Agency was ever involved.

However, he added, “I’m not sure if anybody else is involved I don’t go down that road with respect to the Grassy Knoll theory and all of that. But I have serious questions about whether they got to the bottom of Lee Harvey Oswald’s time and influence from Cuba and Russia.”

Interestingly, Kerry bluntly refused to say anything more about his explosive statements when NBC’s David Gregory asked him Sunday if he “cared to elaborate” on his belief that Oswald may have had help.

“No. I just have a point a view,” a terse Kerry responded.

“I’m not going to get into that. It’s not something that I think needs to be commented on and certainly not at this time,” Kerry told Gregory. “I’m not going to do more than say that it’s a point of view that I have. It’s not right, or worthy, or appropriate for me to comment further.”

Watch Kerry on “Meet the Press:”

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9 thoughts on “Kerry clams up on his explosive JFK assassination theory

  1. MartinTimothy says:

    American anti aircraft gunners on Diamond Head, said there were no Japanese planes at Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.

    Regarding the John Kennedy assassination, no less than the 1968 murder of his brother US Senator Robert Kennedy, two conspiracies exist side by side, the primary group for the Texas slaying includes the still living Abraham Bolden, GHW Bush, Jim Lehrer formerly of PBS News, and Alex Jones’ CIA op sire.

    The secondary conspirators are all those newshounds, political commentators, and CIA plants who turn from the evidence, like they turn from 911 truth and Holocaust truth

    Both conspiracies are capital offenses, means naysayers at every level in the US political and news dissemination apparatus, who talk bullsh*t re Lee Harvey Oswald for instance.

    Will be required to explain their reticence in a duly appointed capital court, convened under the auspices of the US Justice Department, in proceedings that will be expected to result in the handing down of thousands of death sentences!

    Yeah that means John Kerry with Alex Jones, Steve & PJ Watson, and the entire editorial staff at Prison Planet & Infowars!

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy 35th President of the United States, was shot dead in broad daylight in the company of his beautiful wife, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas.

    The area behind the picket fence left screen of the Moorman photo, shows the Martin Luther Kings and Afro Secret Serviceman Abraham Bolden, spectators as E Howard Hunt and others fire on the President!

    Jim Braden is thought to have fired the first shot, from the roof of the Dal Tex Building across Houston Street from the TSBD, he was taken in by a Deputy Sheriff before being released.

    Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for killing the President, and Dallas Police Officer JD Tippit a couple miles away around forty minutes later, despite photos show him at the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository when the shots were fired in the first instance, and when the three tramps were marched by hours later.

    William F Buckley was “Umbrella Man,” who signaled the shooters all systems were go, his accomplice is believed to have been Corsican adventurer Lucien Sarti.

    The “Badgeman” enhancement of the Moorman shot showing the corner of the rotunda wall, has Dallas Cop Joe Smith firing, in company with Gordon H Arnold, Andy Warhol and deaf mute Ed Hoffman & his wife.

    As the limousine emerged from behind the freeway sign, the driver William Greer turned and looked over his right shoulder, he turned back and while holding the steering wheel with his left hand,

    Retrieved something from under the dash with his right hand, transferring the object to his left hand and turning back around to look at the President, he brought his left hand around his body, and aimed and fired at John Kennedy’s head.

    The Three Tramps were E Howard Hunt of Watergate fame, Charles Harrelson father of television actor Woody Harrelson, and Charles Frederick Rogers wanted in Houston Tx. for killing and dismembering both his parents in 1965.

    Ted Gunderson was FBI Bureau Chief in Dallas when President K was murdered, after the shooting he was filmed in possession of one of two rifles on the sixth floor of the TSBD, he was in Memphis when Martin Luther King was shot..

    And in Los Angeles when Senator Robert Kennedy was slain, he was part of the Franklin Case cover up that goes back nearly thirty years, whereas Rusty Nelson testified Hunter S Thompson paid him $100,000 a time, to film snuff killings to the tune of around fifty dead.

    Jim Lehrer lately anchorman at PBS NewsHour, was in Dallas that fateful day with former PBS co host Robert MacNeil, both part of the White House Press Corps.

    MacNeil’s testimony has been used to prop up the official story ever since, he remained with the motorcade and says he heard a single shot then two more in quick succession.

    He says he went into the portal of the TSBD, where he encountered a young man he subsequently identified as Lee Harvey Oswald, who he says directed him to the nearest phone. Lehrer says he stayed at Love Field outside of Dallas with Air Force One.

    The computer enhancement of the Moorman shot, as well as identifying shooters E Howard Hunt and Dallas cop Joe Smith, and the presence of Andy Warhol and the Martin Luther Kings man & wife, similarly reveals about twenty muzzle flashes, including Smith’s shot from the corner of the Rotunda Wall, and the “Oliver Stone” flash from further along the fence line.

    Alex Jones Admits CIA Ties.. we know CIA brethren E Howard Hunt, William F Buckley, and George HW Bush were there, another could have been Jones’ Dallas resident sire, maybe former US Marine marksman Jim Lehrer fired as well!

    At plus eighteen hrs, around 9:30 pm on the evening of November 23, 1963, Australian radio played a tape recording of the assassination, wherein Mrs Kennedy’s voice was clearly heard calling “hello Coretta,” followed by a volley of gunfire.

    The presenter explained Coretta was the wife of one Reverend Martin Luther King, he played a slowed down version of the tape, and asked listeners how many shots they could hear, he said he counted about nineteen his studio guest said she counted twenty two.

    That was the only time the Luther Kings were associated with the crime, until whispers were heard at the time of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, where after some short time later Luther King was shot dead by sniper fire, while standing talking on the telephone on a hotel balcony in Memphis.

    Although he was feted and fabulized, by the same Jew press refused the evidence located him with the shooters, that propounded the Lee Harvey Oswald / lone assassin scenario, there was no money, ol’ MLK was broke.

    He went to the source had roped him into the conspiracy in the first place, read George HW Bush, and asked for dough to be told there was none, so he attempted blackmail, presumably assuring GHWB if he was not paid, everyone would get to hear about what went on in Dallas, he laughed him off.

    So Luther King took time out at the 1968 DNC, to drop the bombshell of his own involvement, and was shot down for it!

    Evidence of Revision, part 4 – Compiled from thousands of television news tapes, detailing neglected or ignored evidence re the death of United States Senator Robert Kennedy.

    Including evidence from the Los Angeles Coroner, that the shots that killed Robert Kennedy were fired from a distance of between one and three inches, into his head from behind and below his right ear.

    Sirhan Sirhan who was convicted for the killing was several feet to his front, the film has footage of the LA DA simply brushing that aside .. Security Guard, Thane Eugene Cesar is thought to have fired the fatal shots!

    1. Troof Detector says:

      Thought by whom? There was no democratic convention in 1968. There was a Democrat convention.

    2. Troof Detector says:

      I notice all your sources are some radikal something or other. Care to tell us what that is all about?

    3. Howard Turner says:


    4. Mlm46 says:

      I don’t know what you’re smoking, but your brain is already rotted out!

  2. onwego4k says:

    look at the nationality of the one who killed bobby kennedy I have a gut feeling it is all part of a larger conspiracy they were not progressives neither kennedy

  3. johnlaw484 says:

    That is the only thing Kerry and I have ever agreed on. Oswald did not act alone.

  4. robbiedobbs says:

    Of course Oswald didn’t do it. He was a PATSY. Big businesses didn’t like Kennedy, so they had him killed. Couldn’t have the Vietnam war stop so soon.

  5. disqus_YXIeVijodU says:

    If you watched Discovery channel almost 2 weeks ago Sunday night they showed JFK The Smoking Gun which puts the killer bullet in a AR-15 accidently shot by a Secret Service agent riding in a car TO THE LEFT AND REAR of Kennedy’s Lincoln. Oswald fired 2 shots, the first missed, hit the pavement and Kennedy was hit by either bullet frags or pavement – the 2nd went thru his neck and into Connally – which was the bullet found on Connally’s gurney in the hospital. The 3rd bullet was an exploding type, unlike Oswald’s ammo, which permeated Kennedy’s brain, thus the exploding skull in Zapruder’s film sequence.

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