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James Carville’s advice to Obama: ‘Take a toke’ on mayor’s crack pipe

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While discussing declining poll numbers Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Democratic strategist James Carville suggested that President Obama pick up a crack pipe.

He also let slip that the president has “real, deep, fundamental problems,” Politico reported.

“I think the best thing he can do is take a toke on the mayor of Toronto’s crack pipe, because his numbers are about 48,” Carville joked. The comment was in reference to the city’s current mayor, who has admitted to smoking crack.

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Carville cautioned critics not to put the nails in the coffin of Obama’s presidency just yet, rattling off some of his accomplishments. But he admitted that Obama’s problems persist even if things turn around with Obamacare.

“The health care thing,” Carville said. “On November 30th, suppose it’s working well — that story will fade somewhat in the background.” He then said: “We can admit that there’s some real, deep, fundamental problems with this president. But I think we’re throwing the dirt here too soon.”

He later elaborated on what one of the problems may be. “Obama’s problem, I think, is he’s a man in politics that doesn’t like politics,” Carville said.

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