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Stonewalled ‘Hillarycare’ records about to be made public

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After seven years of stonewalling, the Clinton Presidential Library is finally releasing partial records of the White House meetings that produced the Hillary Clinton health care plan – Obamacare’s wicked stepmother.

hillaryclinton1110The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has been fighting for the records since 2006, when Hillary Clinton was gearing up for her first run for the presidency – and when Barack Obama was still a junior senator from Illinois best known for a 2004 convention speech that almost made Democrats sound patriotic.  (That was the convention, you’ll remember, where America-hating Michael Moore was a guest in former President Jimmy Carter’s box.)

And as bad as Obamacare looks now, the 57,000 pages of recently released records could very well make Hillary look worse. They’re going to remind America that a lot of this Obamacare train wreck started with Hillary Clinton as the chief engineer 20 years ago. As Judicial Watch President Tom Fitten wrote on Breitbart.com, things don’t change much in D.C.

If records Judicial Watch has already wrestled out of the Clinton Library are any guide, almost everything America hates about Obamacare started with Hillarycare:

Its overreach: “I have trouble coming up with a precedent in our peacetime history for such broad and centralized control over a sector of the economy… Is the public really ready for this? [N]one of us knows whether we can make it work well or at all.” (June 18, 1993, internal White House memo, author unknown. The emphasis is added, but it sounds damn familiar.)

Its secrecy: Outgoing U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller wrote to Clinton (in an ironically “confidential” memo) that he was afraid a “secret cabal of Washington policy ‘wonks’” had been “choking off information” about health-care reform from the public. (Again, sounds familiar.)

Its thuggery: A Feb. 5, 1993, draft memo described an “interest group data base” with information about groups that “support[ed] us in the election” – with personal information about organization leaders, home phone numbers, addresses, “biographies, analysis of credibility in the media, and known relationships with Congress people.”

These are the Clintons. If they were collecting that information about their supporters, they were collecting twice as much on their opponents. It couldn’t have taken them too long to feed it to the IRS.

Even the individual mandate, the most hated part of the hated Obamacare, came from the Clinton campaign in 2008. (Check out the video below from a February 2008 Democratic primary debate.)

The Clintons, true to form, will be trying to lie about it as 2016 gets closer, but the Judicial Watch records already show they own Obamacare nearly as much as the narcissist whose name it bears.

This poisoned apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

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