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Conan O’Brien’s Muslim female superhero joke fires up left

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Late night comedian Conan O’Brien joked about Marvel Comic’s new female Muslim superhero Friday evening via Twitter and found out quickly that the politically correct “progressive” crowd wasn’t too fond of his sense of humor.

The tweet, since deleted by Conan, was directed at Kamala Khan, the fictional 16-year-old Muslim daughter of Pakistani immigrants living in New Jersey. Upon discovering her superhuman powers, she takes on the name Ms. Marvel.


As might be expected a deluge of criticism rained down on Conan, to include cries of racism, bigotry and Islamaphobia.

Being that the character is a Muslim-American living in New Jersey, the idea that she would be married to a husband with other wives is unlikely. But would that be the case if she found herself residing in any number of Middle East countries?

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Needless to say, if there was a similar outcry about honor killings, the stoning of women and the overall poor treatment of women in many Muslim countries, real life 16-year-old Muslim girls would be better off.

Here’ a few of the more family friendly responses:

As mentioned, Conan deleted the tweet without commenting on it — as if it never happened. But some who sense they have the comedian on the ropes aren’t about to let him off the hook so easily.

On the other hand, some Muslims are complaining that the young superhero is a little too “exposed,” expressing concern about her tight-fitting outfit. A reality that seems to reinforce stereotypes many have.

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