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DMV worker pleads guilty to supplying illegals with drivers licenses

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A former Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles worker and an accomplice confessed to getting paid cash for handing out state identification cards and driver’s licenses to as many as 300 illegal immigrants, the Washington Post reported.

Jose Calderon claimed the scheme was his own invention, telling authorities that he identified illegal immigrants and charged them a few thousand dollars for the fraudulent IDs. A co-conspirator, Maria Cavallaro, who worked as a senior generalist for the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles in Fairfax, would accept the paperwork, knowing the applicants were not eligible for the IDs, the Post reported.

Cavallaro’s attorney, Neil Olesker, said his client broke the law because she “felt sorry for people.” He admitted that she profited from the scheme, which involved four people and lasted from 2007 to 2011. Court documents suggest the crimes netted the pair $120,000, according to The Post. Justice finally prevailed.

Cavallaro, who was fired in 2011, could get 10 years in prison, while Calderon faces up to five years, according to the Post, which also reported:

“This year, Maryland passed a measure to create a sort of second-class driver’s license which applicants could obtain without proof of lawful status. Virginia though, requires that one prove legal presence in the United States.”
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