Megyn Kelly’s devastation at man’s life or death decision due to Obamacare

Fox News host Megyn Kelly shared a heart rendering story Thursday night of a South Carolina man with cancer who is being forced to make what he sees as a life or death decision after his health insurance plan was cancelled because of Obamacare.

Bill Elliot, who voted for President Obama, contacted “The Kelly File” via Facebook and said he can no longer afford to pay his medical bills and does not want to take on the new costs because he does not want to put a “burden” on his family, according to Fox News.

Saying he feels “misled,” Elliott told Kelly his new insurance will cost him $1,500 per month with a $13,000 deductible, adding that he will opt to pay the minimal fine for not having health insurance and “will just let nature take its course.”

The devastation of that comment could be seen clearly on Kelly’s face.

When asked to respond to Obama apologizing on Thursday, Elliot said, “I believe that was more of an insult to me and other people who have been cancelled.”

More and more, it’s beginning to look as if the Democratic Party’s cure is more deadly than the disease when it comes to addressing the “healthcare crisis” in America.

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150 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly’s devastation at man’s life or death decision due to Obamacare

  1. lather says:

    seemed to have done absolutely no research into Elliott’s case beyond
    reading a post he left on The Kelly File’s Facebook page. She began the
    interview by asking Elliott why he thought Obamacare is the cause of his
    current insurance being canceled, right in the middle of his cancer
    treatment. As if it never occurred to her to do any digging of her own
    to verify.

    As it turns out, Elliott seemed to be under many misapprehensions
    about his options. None of which Kelly investigated, much less reported.

    But Christopher did. Among other dubious findings, he wrote:

    (Elliott) reveals that his old plan cost him about $170, and the one
    his “insurance guy” offered would cost him $1500 a month, with a $13,500
    deductible. However, the most expensive Obamacare plan offered to individuals over 50 on the exchange for South Carolina is $796.87 a month, for the most expensive Gold plan, and Bronze plans in the state start at $255.35 a month. Kelly didn’t ask him, but Mr. Elliott might qualify for federal subsidies as well. For example, if he makes $26,000 a year, that Bronze plan would be $163.42 /mo., less than what he was paying before.

    He also said “Now with Obamacare, the man that I’ve got looked into
    it, they are not going to pay for pharmaceuticals or medical devices.”

    But under Obamacare, both of those categories are mandated as essential health benefits.
    Either Mr. Elliott’s insurance man is giving him a bum steer, or
    something is being lost in translation. I’ve tried to get in touch with
    Mr. Elliott, but have thus far been unsuccessful.

    Why didn’t Kelly or one of the Kelly File staffers check any of these
    details? Sadly, one can only conclude it’s because Kelly and Fox News
    only want to know the bad news about ObamaCare and are afraid to spoil
    their story with any verified information. Even if it might save a life.

  2. Special Operator says:

    The web site, price, deductibles, co-pays, etc. are causing and will cause major problems for people…….but, the “MAJOR PROBLEM” FOR ALL MAY WELL BE THE VARIOUS “PLANS OF BENEFITS”!!!!! The “PLANS” lay out what the “policy will cover”……………if it’s “not” covered, the “PLAN” does “not” pay. No one has seen the “PLANS” yet…………….when we do, it may will be that what is “not covered” and the “limits” on various treatments and procedures may turn out to be the “MAJOR PROBLEM” for all. And, it may well be that the “RESTRICTIVE ‘PLANS OF BENEFITS’ IS WHAT CAUSES OBAMACARE TO LOSE ALL POLITICAL SUPPORT AND BE REPEALED OR MODIFIED TO THE POINT THAT THE LAW NO LONGER HAS AN IMPACT ONE WAY OR THE OTHER………………………IN THE MEANTIME, MILLIONS OF CITIZENS WILL BE DAMAGED OR DIE BECAUSE OF THIS LAW.

  3. lk says:

    It sounds like he was already struggling to pay his medical bills. Seems like neither plan will work for him…old or new. Cancer is an expensive disease to treat.

  4. LilyMae says:

    As Ciff says in the next thread down, This man’s story is not complete, because what is stated about Obamacare is not true. There are NO deductible levels that high and since he hasn’t been on the website or called into the number where they do it for you, he can’t say how much the premium will cost or how much his subsidy will be. Only those that buy insurance privately are the ones able to buy through the marketplaces of each state. If you get insurance through your employer or receive Medicare, you are not eligible to buy through the marketplace. Only those buying insurance directly through an insurance company qualify. Over 70% of those receiving cancellation notices because their insurance companies don’t want to meet the minimal standards of Obamacare are getting insurance through the marketplaces with more coverage for cheaper when they subsidy (based on projected 2014 income) is considered. Fox does an incomplete service to it’s viewers when they don’t report the whole truth. Their stories like this on this topic have been debunked many times over.

  5. LilyMae says:

    This man was either misled or lied, but I will assume he was misled because it’s hard to make up those numbers. It’s a calculator set up by the Kaiser Family Foundation to see what a silver plan (mid) yearly premium after subsidy will be based on your income and household size. It also tells your total maximum out of pocket expenses which includes deductibles, copays, etc.

    I used this calculator and went up to $1,000,000,000.000 income/year (yes, $1 trillion/year income) using the US average plan, The yearly premium for a silver plan is $9,981 ($831.75/month) with a maximum out of pocket expense of $12,700 which includes deductibles, etc., but not the cost of the plan. A bronze plan would be less.

    Also, effective January 1, 2014, no one can be excluded based on pre-existing conditions.

  6. Bob A says:

    Do you feel just a little bit silly now that Mr. Elliot’s claim has been
    debunked? Either his insurance guy lied to him, or Mr. Elliot
    misunderstood. It turns out he has much less expensive options available
    to him, with much better coverage, and besides, it turns out his cancer
    is cured. (There’s a lot of iffyness about his whole story, but let’s
    assume no one would really lie about having stage 4 cancer, and then the
    next day it turns out it’s cured after an appearance on Fox News.)

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